Rannsaich feartan Playson leinn: Rèisean Goirid & Blast Airgid

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Online casino content providers develop multiple products to make their slots more appealing and attractive. Increasing player retention, enhancing their engagement, making tournaments easier, and other great perks serve to ensure fans are satisfied and keep them coming back.

dealbh-chluich is a highly reputable iGaming content developer with a long-term tradition in the industry. A wide range of top-notch aggregators and operators uses its first-class solutions. From engaging math models to unique mechanisms and promotional features, Playson works to suit the needs of its players and partners.

The studio always works on new things to present to its punters, including engagement-boosting features. Short Races and Cash Blast are promo tools that keep players entertained. Read the rest of the article to find out everything relevant about those two attractive gaming assets.

Short Races

Expanding your iGaming toolset is always a good idea, and Short Races should provide quick-fire competitions that prioritise player engagement. The tournaments are integrated into the complete game portfolio, offering highly competitive prize pools.

The provider wants to enhance single mobile sessions, and the officials could not hide their excitement. Ganna Guseva, a Product Owner for Promotional Tools, has noted people at Playson are delighted. Unveiling the thrilling new tool to partners and friends is a treat that will allow them to experience Playson games in a unique way.

With the knowledge they acquire, players can land massive prizes in no time. The Short Races has been devised to retain a new generation of punters with shorter attention spans. It serves as a performance booster when gamer activity is low.

The studio partners have cooperated in developing the feature, and everyone believes it will enhance modern players’ interest and attention span. The quick turnaround and fast-paced competitions boost players’ chances of finishing higher than in regular tournament leaderboards.

Operators can customise the tournament’s duration and the prize amounts. Furthermore, tournaments can operate at any time since Playson looks to help operators reach large audiences and manage downtimes.

Mihai Dumitrescu, Promotions Manager at Playson, is another official thrilled about the launch. The company always aims to innovate exciting and new products, with the Short Races feature promising to excel. It will offer a new experience and boost engagement for the players.

Playson's Feature section
Playson continues to delight partners and players with innovative promo tools

Cash Blast

Cash Blast is a promo tool that has the task of keeping the promotion fun during its entire duration, not only at the start. It will improve the online gaming experience for everyone who receives cash prizes from a Playson game. Prizes are allocated to the players during a dedicated promotional period.

Any player can trigger prize-winning spins throughout the gaming session. This exciting feature will change the way to experience Playson games forever due to the possibility of big wins in a non-traditional fashion. The sophisticated algorithm finds gaps during promotions with players less engaged and keeps them entertained.

The Cash Blast promotion has a pop-up notification to inform of its active status and determine the remaining Blasts to be paid out. The game’s toolbar reminds us of the amounts to be paid out. Moreover, this tool does not require any further integration and does not influence the RTP.

The feature brings player retention increase, as well as a bigger number of spins on average. Operators now have additional support to boost player engagement. Playson has already developed multiple features, including Reel of Fortune, Tournaments, Feature Triggers, and many more. The company wants to meet partners’ needs for increasing engagement and an enhanced player experience.

The unveiling of the feature follows the arrival of the fourth slot this month, 5 Fortunator. The game is the first in the new gem slot series, recently tested by Playson and now introduced to players. The game’s assets include Crown Wilds, Golden Bells, Gold and Diamond Scatters, and many more perks. The classic game with a slick design is an excellent addition to the ever-growing portfolio.

Playson will continue to cater to the players’ needs, making their playing experiences easier and gaming sessions better. The initial reactions to the two new features are excellent, promising to be as popular as developers intended. Stay with Geamannan air-loidhne24 to learn all the relevant information on Playson’s upcoming features.

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