BELATRA uses the slogan “made to be different”. But do they live up to those words? Or is it there just for the sake of décor?

We cover a wide range of developers on our website. Some are well known; others less so. Even with less popular studios, other gamblers have some sense of recognition.

But mention Belatra, and you’ll get blank stares out of almost everyone! And yet, despite that lack of recognition, the company has expanded in size over the last twenty years, and currently has offices all over the world!

About Belatra

To the best of our knowledge, Belatra is the only Belarusian gambling software provider on the global scene. No, you didn’t read that wrong – they are actually from Belarus! The company was founded in 1993, starting off with various physical machines. Electronic roulette tables, video poker, mekanik fant. You name it, and Belatra’s probably made it! Over twenty years later, the studio has opened several offices in different countries, and is slowly but surely making a name for themselves in the world of sou entènèt jwèt aza!

So, where can you find this mysterious studio? Naturally, they’ve got their headquarters in Belarus. But they also have representative offices in Russia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Latin America and in the United States. They even go out of their way to run active Youtube, Facebook and Instagram pages, where they promote their upcoming releases. They also sport quite a few certificates from GamingLabs, Trisigma and BMM Testlabs.

Belatra Slots

While that all sounds good, there are a few flaws we immediately picked up on. The most obvious is the founisè lojisyèl questionable mastery of English. Their paytables are full of grammatical errors and weird sentence structures. It’s not so bad that you can’t make out what’s happening. But this is honestly an unacceptable standard for a studio trying to get world-wide recognition. If you can have five offices, you can afford to hire some proper English translators!

Coming Soon: Hungry Caterpillars
Coming Soon: Hungry Caterpillars
And to answer the question we posed previously: “made to be different” seems to be just a cool sounding phrase to Belatra. After trying a few of their releases, we didn’t find anything that stood out to us as new or innovative. Now, not being particularly innovative is fine. Plenty of developers just follow along ideas other software providers put forward. But if you’re going to do that, then you shouldn’t frame your studio as being special or different. That just leaves people with the wrong impression.

Despite our initial mixed reactions, we were able to find some fun slots within Belatra’s game trove. If you’re looking to spice up your sessions with a dash of Belarusian goodness, we recommend checking out the following releases.

  • Wildlife nan 2
  • There’s just something charming about wild animals. Maybe it’s how exotic they are, or the natural danger they pose. But they’ve always fascinated our species: making them a perfect backdrop for a game theme! This slot is played on 50 paylines total which pay left to right only. Available special features include a free spins round during which one of the animal symbols becomes an extra Wild!

  • Lapen an Smart
  • Cartoony violence can be amusing sometimes. That said, the way Belatra handle it here is a bit… weird. Still, we recommend not dwelling on the graphics too much. Sure, your rabbit gets roughed up a bit, but you still get to guide him to some delicious vegetables to snag a small cash prize! Alternatively, he can land in one of the three bonus areas, where he can snag even more prizes!

  • Dracula Riches
  • Who doesn’t love vampires? These phantoms of the night get posh accents, cool transformation powers and immortality! And all they have to do is suck a bit of blood here and there? Man, we’re jealous. Triggering free spins in Dracula Riches expands your playing field! Your 5×4 board becomes a massive 5×5 playing field, and the number of active paylines increases from 20 to 40. Bigger wins for the same price!

  • Bwè chans
  • This slot is going to be hit or miss for a lot of gamblers. The theme is set around a drunk trying to survive with his vices, while a devil tempts him to drink more. The graphics are substandard, likely owing to this game’s history as a physical machine. But if you can stomach the bad visuals and awkward theme, the available special features make it all worth it!

  • Piggy Bank
  • We’d love this high stakes bank break-in a lot more if it didn’t seemingly involve real life pigs! We get there’s some humor here that we’re missing, but we don’t mind it too much. The goal is to trigger the bonus as quickly as possible! Once active, you can smash open a piggy bank to reveal cash prizes, a key, or free spins! The key takes you to the safes bonus, which continues until a policeman shows up!

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Karakteristik Espesyal

While we didn’t mention it while discussing the games, each Belatra release comes equipped with two bonuses. The first is a Gamble that you’re prompted to use after each win. You can bet on guessing the right color, which doubles your win! Alternatively, you can try to guess both color and suit to quadruple your prize. In both cases, you lose everything if you guess wrong!

Well, that’s one special feature out of the way. What’s the other one? That’s Belatra’s Jackpot Wheel of Fortune! As you play one of their releases, you accumulate JP points with each spin. The bigger your bet, the faster you fill the meter. Once the meter is completely filled, you get to spin it! It can award all sorts of goodies, including the progressive jackpot!

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