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Most people know Venice for its gondolas, romantic atmosphere and natural beauty. But our favorite thing is undoubtedly the carnival! So when we heard Belatra’s Venetian Rain slot used it as a theme, we knew we had to check it out.

Big Win in Venetian Rain
Big Win in Venetian Rain
Ou ka jwe aza ou genyen yo
Ou ka jwe aza ou genyen yo

Details about the slot Venetian Rain

lojisyèlBelatra jwèt
Bobin5 bobin
Payline40 liy peman
RTP94.00% RTP
Valè pyès monnen0.40 - 4.00
Maksimòm paiement20.000
Bonus jwètNon
Vire gratisWi
pwogresis JackpotNon
Senbòl gayeWi
Senbòl Sovaj yoWi

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Even if you’ve never heard of the Carnevale di Venezia, you’ve probably seen those elaborate, cool masks! There’s no official information on how this celebration began, though we do know it became official during the Renaissance.

However, after Venice fell to outside forces, the carnival would be abolished. It would take until 1979 for the festival to make a comeback, and to win the hearts of a brand new generation.

Venetian Rain Slot Review

Venetian Rain is played on a five reel board, where each reel is four symbols tall. There are a total of forty fixed paylines, which only pay from left to right. To win, collect three or more identical icons, starting with the leftmost reel. All wins must follow one of the currently active paylines, or else the cash prize won’t be awarded to the player.

Collect three or more Scatters in any position to win five guaranteed free spins. After that, you’ll have to hope you get lucky with the coin flips! Each flip has a chance of granting five more extra turns, or ending free spins early. If the coin lands on a thunderstorm, it increases the water level and the multiplier. The multiplier caps at 5x.

Tèm & Senbòl

If there’s one event we always wanted to participate in ourselves, it would be this festival. Just being there and experiencing the atmosphere of Venice while people in masks roam about sounds thrilling. It adds that extra flavor that not every trip to Venice can claim to have had. We don’t think Belatra could have made a better theme pick for their slot if they wanted to.

Unfortunately, the graphics fail to live up to our expectations. The background image is just a still picture of some water. We can’t imagine it would have been that difficult to use a still from the carnival instead. We’re also not huge fans of the reel design, which you see beneath all the symbols. That said, it’s not all bad. We do like the flooding effect as the water level rises during free spins.

Venetian Rain Gameplay
Venetian Rain Gameplay
Icons have also done a far better job at looking good. Well, most of them. We’re not huge fans of the hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds symbols. That said, everything else looks amazing! The three masks are all visually distinct, and there are other Venice specific icons for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to keep a lookout for the storm cloud!

How to Play Venetian Rain

You play this game on a 5×4 board with 40 fixed paylines which pay left to right. This Belatra release has a medium-high volatility, with a jackpot worth 1,000,000 coins! To land that score, you’d need a five-of-a-kind Scatter win combined with the 5x multiplier. And that kind of win will require such insane luck, we guaranteed most gamblers will never even come close.

That doesn’t mean that the special features are all bad, mind you. Even if you don’t get close to the maximum win, you can still land a decent prize. If you get lucky with the multipliers and retriggers, you could go for a dozen spins with the 5x multiplier active. There’s also the other three Belatra bonis available: two gamble special features and the lucky wheel.

Changing your total bet is quite simple. Just tap the plus and minus keys until you find your ideal wager, then get spinning. But wait! Venetian Rain only displays coin values, and not cash. So you’ll have to test it against your sou entènèt kazino balance to make sure how the coins translate into cash. Get with the times and add cash values, Belatra!

Bonus Karakteristik

  • Vire gratis
  • Find three or more Scatters for five guaranteed vire gratis. After those are played, you’ll see a coin being flipped. Depending on what coin lands, your results vary. If the Sun comes up, your bonus ends early. However, if a thunderstorm appears, you get a multiplier increase and the water level rises. Finding the right coins can also add five more free spins, capping at 105 extra turns with a single free spins activation.

  • Kat Double
  • The dealer will show one face-up card, while the joueuz sou entènèt has four face-down cards. The goal is to reveal a face down card, and to have its value higher than the dealer’s card. You can play a maximum of five rounds of this, or until you reach the maximum value of 100,000 coins.

  • Wouj-Oswa-Nwa
  • This time, there’s just one face down card. Players have to guess the correct color or card suite. Choosing right will increase your win by 2x or 4x, respectively. The same conditions apply here, too. There’s a maximum of five rounds you can play, and wins can’t exceed 100,000 coins.

  • Rou po nan Fortune
  • Collect 2000 JP points to win a spin on the lucky wheel. This can award a mountain of different coin wins, including the progressive jackpot. So how do you get these JP points, you might ask? The answer is simple: each spin adds some to your total, and the bigger your wager, the more JP points you earn.

Venetian Rain Payouts

Venetian Rain has a medium-high volatility and a jackpot worth 1,000,000 coins! There’s a downside, however. This slot has a RTP of 94.00%, that’s so low that we cannot recommend this game.

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Jwe pou gratis


It’s an average Belatra release with an above-average theme. But is that enough to get it on our recommended list? Or will it fail to leap over that wall, like so many other fant by this developer?

Pozitif yo!

  • Maybe we’re a bit biased because we like the theme. But we do think that the developers put a bit more effort into it than usual. Well, in some areas. The masks are clearly painstakingly designed, as were the other symbols.
  • We like how the free spins round handles itself. The Sun is quite happy to appear frequently, which detracts from the fun. But once you feel the rush of winning big with the extra turns special feature? You’ll be back for more.

Negatif yo ...

  • However, the background image and that god-awful design on the reels are the price we paid. It’s always frustrating knowing that developer can do better, and them just choosing not to.

We were more than happy to give our suggestion to try Venetian Rain out. Sadly, we cannot do that until Belatra reveals the RTP information for this release. If that information becomes available, we will update our review accordingly.

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