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When someone asks who the best provider of live games is, the answer is clear. Every studio tries hard to do an excellent job and provide a memorable gaming experience to the players, but Evolution lalao is something else. The company stands head and shoulders above the competition, continuously trying to be better than before.

The latest game in Evolution’s live portfolio, Balloon Race, will delight players worldwide. Evolution knows how to give players what they want, providing plenty of chills and thrills, along with some palpable tension. This unique game blends live bonus elements with RNG to bring fantastic results. Fans familiar with Evolution’s previous efforts know what to expect here.

It is a colourful combination of a slot game and a live game show that can deliver lucrative wins. The exhilarating experience bursts with endless entertainment and multipliers, culminating in an exciting Balloon Race Bonus. Read the article to find out what Balloon Race has to offer and what you can get from it.

Many Exceptional Chances

You can rack up large multipliers throughout the game, resulting in handsome wins. With an optimal RTP of 96.09%, the game slightly surpasses the industry standard, indicating solid payouts at decent intervals. Expanding Wilds will help you increase your chances of qualifying for the titular race. The game’s first phase is collecting those Wilds and Scatters to qualify for the race.

In the second phase, you can ramp up your chances of grabbing multiplied wins in a tremendously entertaining, balloon-popping Top-Up stage. The third phase includes the race itself, which is a combination of live action and a thrilling race to the finish line. The energetic game host guides a ball-drawing machine, where the coloured balls propel the balloons of the same colours into the air.

Your task is to sit back, relax and patiently wait for the moment a balloon crosses the finish line. When it does, the multiplier will be applied to your wager, granting you the corresponding award. Balloon Race is an excellent example of something new from Evolution while we still get its famous high quality and dedication.

As said, the objective of the three-phase game is to qualify for the race. The first balloon to cross the line reaching the top is the winner. The following sections will explain closely how to play and enjoy the game, hoping for hefty multipliers coming around. Evolution did another excellent job captivating the audiences.

Balloon Race live video slot gameplay
Experience the excitement of soaring heights in Balloon Race, a vibrant new member of the Evolution live slot collection!

The Game’s Three Phases

It begins with the qualification phase, followed by the top-up phase, while the third is the bonus game. The game draws you in from the first moment, keeping the tempo up and keeping your eyes glued to the screen.

Qualification Phase

The game’s qualification phase utilises a 5×3 grid with 10 fixed win lines, an Expanding Wild and a Scatter. There are 8 paying symbols, including royals (10-A), Bronze and Silver Ribbon. The goal is to land any 3 icons, either Expanding Wilds or Scatters. Scatters might contain extra multipliers to boost your winnings.

The Expanding Wilds replaces regular symbols in winning combinations across the whole reel. It automatically enhances the odds of landing an excellent combination. After qualifying, any collected multipliers (up to 30x) are added and utilised in the race bonus to deliver the final multipliers. You can also still grab payouts for landing winning combinations.

Spin Modes

The qualification phase contains 3 spin modes: Normal (default), XXXTreme and Super XXXTreme Spin. Select the wagering amount and click/tap Spin to spin the Qualification slot. The bet selected in Normal mode becomes the default value and will be used to calculate the payouts.

If you trigger any of the XXXTreme modes, you will have a guaranteed Scatter or an Expanding Wild for an increased amount. Triggering the XXXTreme Spin costs 5x the stake for a guaranteed Expanding Wild or Scatter, increasing the chances of better multipliers. The Super XXXTreme Spin costs 50x the bet and guarantees 2 Expanding Wilds or Scatters, with even better multipliers to boot.

Top-Up Phase

While waiting for the race to begin, you have an option to take part in the Top-Up phase. Clicking on the button of the same name releases 3-6 balloons (2 of each colour at most), each containing a potential Top-Up value. When the balloons go up, they can reach the top or pop, adding the respective bonus value to the total.

The minimum Top-Up wager equals the base bet you have qualified with. Increasing the Top-Up bet also increases the multiplier values, and you are quickly transferred to the bonus round afterwards. Qualifying for the Top-Up phase 15 seconds before the bonus round begins will prompt a pop-up message.

You can tap Bonus to join the race or Top-Up to stay and wait for the next bonus phase. If you do not make the decision, you are automatically moved to the race bonus round.

Balloon Race Bonus Round

This phase is the time to enjoy the live show led by the game host. The round will take you above the clouds into a thrilling hot race towards big bonuses. The ball-drawing machine has 80 balls, 20 in each colour, with various multipliers awaiting balloons at the line.

The race begins, and the balls are randomly drawn, with the corresponding balloons moving a step upwards. The process repeats, with the machine drawing coloured balls and the balloons ascending afterwards. The aim is to be the first to fly five positions up to the crossing line. The race is over when a balloon reaches the top after five steps.

The colour of the balloon that won determines the payouts. When the first balloon has reached the top, all the multipliers are calculated together.

Balloon Race live game show promises thrilling rounds and lucrative payouts, as usual with Evolution. The studio continues to set the standard for the best live games in the industry. Our team at Filalao an-tserasera24 will continue reporting about upcoming live Evolution games, so stay with us.

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