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Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily fantasy sports are considered as a subtype of fantasy sports games. In them, instead of competing with other fantasy players over the course of a season, players compete against other participants over shorter time periods such as a week or even a day.

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The time period largely depends on how long it takes for one round of matches to be completed.

For example, various European soccer leagues usually play their matches over the weekend. One round in the top tier of English, Spanish, Italian or French soccer usually lasts between around three days.

Daily fantasy sports competitions are provided by special fantasy service providers. They cater to fantasy contestants by offering incredibly fast processing of data and awarding of points. In doing so, they make daily fantasy sports much more appealing than their season long counterparts. There are various daily fantasy providers these days. Currently the most famous ones are American companies DraftKings, FantasyDraft and Fanduel.

What are the Scoring Rules?

For each daily fantasy sport the scoring system and rules are different. Baseball for example, has one of the more complicated scoring systems. In fact, in any given baseball match points fantasy points can be won for various things.

The most common scoring system in baseball is slightly complicated. A single hit brings 3 points. Double and triple hits bring 5 and 8 points respectively. A home run is rewarded with 10 points. While a run, a base on balls, and hit by pitch are rewarded with 2 points. A stolen base is 5 points.

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The pitching positions bring points in a different way as you might expect. An inning pitched brings 2.25 points. A strike out is 2 points. A win is 4 points. A complete game is 2.5 points. Shutouts yield 2.5 points. A no hitter is 5 points and so on.

On the other hand, the scoring rules in soccer are a little simpler. Points are won when players provide an assist, score a goal or keep a clean sheet. While points are lost when players are booked or miss a penalty. Many daily fantasy sports providers also include other scoring categories such as shots not blocked and shots on target. Others even go with successful passes, successful crosses, fouls won, corners won, passes intercepted and so on.

Who Wins?

Daily fantasy sports are designed so that all players participating, and we are talking here about tens of millions of people only in the US, have an equal chance of winning some of that prize pool. So how do you win money in daily fantasy sports?

Well, it is actually quite simple. There are two ways in which you can win money on daily fantasy sports. The first one is if you play in a league competition in which after each round standings are published. If you are in the top 50%, you win.

The second way in which you can win money is if you play in head to head matches. There, if you win against your opponent, you get the prize. This can be done if your selections have higher points total than your opponent’s.

How to Get Good at Daily Fantasy Sports?

A tried and trusted method of being good at daily fantasy sports is to first start playing for free. Almost all daily fantasy sports platforms enable new players to play for free. This is a great way to learn the game without spending your hard earned money.

After you have mastered the game sufficiently, you can proceed to playing for real money. However, make sure to start playing against other beginner players. This is yet another useful thing that most fantasy providers offer. It is a great way to build your confidence and knowledge of the game.

Once you have completed these two steps you are ready. You can start playing in the big leagues and for the big prizes. However, even then it might be good to pick sports which have smaller pools of players. This is to increase your chances of winning more money as quickly as possible.

What’re the Advantages?

There are many advantages to daily fantasy sports games. First of all, daily fantasy sports bring fans closer to the sports they love. By following individual players’ performances in every round and in every match they play, fantasy sports enthusiasts can get much more involved in how each team and each individual player performs. In that they are closer to the sport they just casually watched before they started daily fantasy sports.

Another advantage of daily fantasy sports is that you can double or triple the excitement of following each match. This is because you will also have a personal monetary incentive to see your chosen players perform well. In doing so, fantasy sports enthusiasts get to squeeze the maximum enjoyment out of every match and every performance.

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Furthermore, by playing against seasoned fantasy players, each contestant will get an idea of his knowledge of the sport. And not just that, by playing fantasy sports, you can improve your knowledge of each team and player significantly. Then you can use that to show off your sports knowledge to the people you will be competing against.

In addition to this, a lot of fantasy contestants have claimed that by participating in daily fantasy competitions they have started enjoying games that, normally, they wouldn’t care about. This is because most of us only watch the most interesting looking games. Avoiding those dead rubber matches is regular practice among sports followers.

However, with daily fantasy sports, the incentive to follow even those dull looking matches becomes stronger. That means that you will have to allocate even more of your time to follow those matches as well. And time spent watching your favourite sport is always time well spent.

Finally, when you play in daily fantasy sports competitions, you have a free pass to also support the enemy. These are players and teams that don’t play for your favourite team. This means that you will definitely broaden your horizons when it comes to rival teams and players. In doing so, you will enjoy in their success and not just in your team’s good standing. This in turn will make following the sport much more gratifying and satisfactory.

Why Choose Daily Fantasy Sports?

The biggest reason why you should choose daily fantasy sports over any other type of fantasy games is that you have the biggest chance to win some money. It’s a new way of sports betting. It is a well known fact that in season long fantasy games there are only a few prizes. The English Premier League’s official fantasy league competition has only 5 prizes at the end of the season.

That means that you will have to be patient to win and even to play there. You will have to work on your team for 38 rounds of soccer, follow individual players’ performances for close to 300 days in a year, only to find out that you have not won anything at the end of the season.

It is fair to say that it is difficult to be motivated to give your best in those circumstances. To play for close to 9 months when you know that the chances to win are miniscule is ridiculous. Actually let us be more precise. The chances of winning at Fantasy Premier League are 0.0001%. Not encouraging, right?

However, that is not the case with daily fantasy sports. There, you have a 50-50 chance to win prizes. You win those prizes at the end of each round. This means that you won’t have to wait longer than three or four days to get your reward for making that top notch selection.

Furthermore, playing on daily fantasy sports platforms these days is very quick. There are no logins, no passwords and you can build a team on your phone in the 5 or 10 minutes it takes you to come back from school or work.

When Did It Begin?

Daily fantasy sports first began in the 1990s. Back then they were part of newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times, Arizona Republic, and the Chicago Sun Times. But these were the beginnings of daily fantasy sports. Because of this it was normal for the rules of the scoring system to be developed step by step. And what started as a simple scoring system slowly became more and more complicated.

However, other than that, the rules of the game pretty much remained the same up until today. Players competed against each other, and the winners, with the highest scores in a given round, were given prizes.

Instant Fantasy Sports was one of the first websites to take the daily fantasy game online back in 2007. Newspaper fantasy games no longer exist these days, but sites such as DraftKings continue the year’s long tradition. What’s more, they bring daily fantasy sports to millions of players right at their fingertips. It’s the latest sensation in online gambling.

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