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Megaways slots offer a variable number of ways to win on each spin. Each spin it can be different. That's exciting. Read all about Megaways.

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Slots With Megaways

สล็อตออนไลน์ have gone through many changes throughout the years. You can consider online gambling as an ever-growing industry. New developers continuously appear, each bringing new, innovative ideas in their slot releases. Ideas such as Megaways.

Some focus on developing slots that would be visually appealing. Using the most unique themes and sound effects. Other developers may focus on the mathematical models their slots would be based on. Knowing that these developers make sure to create slots that would be beneficial to both parties. After all, slot players are after massive wins.

What Is Megaways™?

Major names in the industry like Microgaming and netent led the way until 2016. But it was Big Time Gaming that created a game engine, the mega-popular Megaways™ mechanics. BTG released its slot Bonanza in 2016. In this slot, it presented the Megaways™ mechanics for the first time. Since then, Bonanza became one of the most popular slots available in online casinos. The Megaways™ mechanics is the most enticing game engine that makes players always come back for more.

Bonanza, the First Megaways Slot
Bonanza, the First Megaways Slot
The Megaways™ revolutionized the slots experience for good. It changed the way of playing slots entirely and marked the beginning of a new era of slots.

At the core of the game engine are the reels that change shape on each spin. Compared to other 5-reel or 3-reel grids with their specific number of rows that existed up until the invention of the Megaways™. The shape-shifting reels in slots with Megaways™ are different. They allow for the reels to expand and produce a different number of symbols on each spin.

Three to seven symbols can appear on the reels on each spin. Every spin comes with a different number of ways to win. That’s what makes the game engine so interesting and appealing to players. The maximum number of ways to win you can get while playing a Megaways™ game is 117,649. With this configuration, these slots can deliver payouts of up to 50,000x the stake! Different developers can add Multipliers and other boosters to the gameplay. Thus you can imagine why the Megaways™ has grown to become such a successful mechanics.

These Casinos Offer Megaways Slots


ก่อนที่จะมี เล่นเกมครั้งใหญ่ inventing the Megaways™ mechanics, Microgaming’s 243-ways-to-win slots dominated the market. Since Megaways™ appeared and made a boom on the market, the developers’ appetite for the mechanics became insatiable.

In the meantime, other developers started creating similar engines that increased the ways to win. From Microgaming’s 243 to 1,024, then to 4,096, to the record-breaking 60,466,176 ways to win in Laser Fruit by Red Tiger Gaming. This slot was released in April 2018.

That’s when BTG saw others were onto the concept and decided to license the game engine. They made it available to any developer who wants to acquire it. In fact, it was the very next month, in May 2018 that Megaways™ turned into a franchise officially. The first developer who acquired the license to use Megaways™ in its slots was Blueprint Gaming.

Blueprint Gaming established itself as one of the leading Megaways™ slots developers. But in March 2019, Red Tiger Gaming also acquired the license. Its first Megaways™ slot was Mystery Reels Megaways™. This is a remake of a previous slot, which was followed by the September release Golden Leprechaun Megaways™.

Where Can You Play Megaways™ Slots?

The interest in Megaways™ is anything but slowing down. In the past, the only way you could try a Megaways™ slot was to play at online casinos that feature Big Time Gaming’s slots. And previously, the developer’s slots were available in selected casinos only.

But ever since Big Time Gaming’s slots were rolled out across the Quickfire server, they become available almost everywhere. Quickfire is a platform designed by Microgaming, allowing different developers to integrate their games and expand their reach. Considering Microgaming’s games are available in more than 700 online casinos, you can only imagine how much BTG has increased its coverage, making its Megaways™ slots available in so many casinos.

However, Big Time Gaming’s Megaways™ slots portfolio was still very limited to players, so with the developer’s decision to franchise the game engine, the Megaways™ slots collection significantly increased.

Today, you have over 50 Megaways™ slots that you can try out, in over 700 คาสิโนออนไลน์ all across the world. In fact, there is one operator that has already created a Megaways™ tab on its website. Ladbrokes was the first operator to create this kind of tab. Current and upcoming license holders like Relax Gaming, Kalamba, Scientific Games, Relax Gaming, Storm, and Blueprint Gaming and Red Tiger Gaming, of course, keep on releasing new Megaways™ slots, which all are available in Ladbrokes’s new tab.


Why Play Megaways™ Slots?

Naturally, the most evident reason why anyone would play Megaways™ slots is the massive payout potential. However, the thrill and excitement a Megaways™ slot can provide you with are unparalleled, and the experience is one-of-a-kind.

You would be playing a slot where entertainment is guaranteed on each spin. Each spin brings a different random number of symbols on the reels and a different number of ways to win. The entire experience is dynamic, action-packed, and fuelled with anticipation.

Many compare the payouts Megaways™ slots can provide you with the payouts progressive jackpot slots can deliver. And while that’s partly true, thanks to the 50,000x the stake payout potentials in Megaways™ slots, there is one major difference. While progressive jackpots slots can deliver life-changing wins, they are far riskier than Megaways™ slots. And while with progressive jackpot slots you may not win a dime due to their high volatility, with Megaways™ slots, a decent win is guaranteed each time you play.

Players Enjoy Megaways

But, there are several other elements related to Megaways™ slots that make players prefer playing them over other slots – the major one being the element of surprise. With the cascading reels in Megaways™, players not only get a massive potential, but they also get an extended playtime during which they are kept on their toes each spin. The fact that each spin brings a new surprise in terms of symbol count and boosters makes these slots irresistible for the most enthusiastic slots players.

Another important element these slots offer is impeccable visuals. Considering now not only BTG creates Megaways™ slots, but also leading developers in the online gambling industry like Red Tiger Gaming, Blueprint Gaming and iSoftBet, known for their spectacular designs, you can rest assured that each of these slots available on the market will be well-crafted and produced in high-quality, with crisp clear graphics and artwork-style symbols.


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