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Awọn ere Awọn Mancala is an online casino content provider experiencing stable growth in recent years. This developer, based in Prague, has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 2019. The team of professionals desires to create unforgettable games and push the industry boundaries with its products. Developing something unique is the mission of every ambitious provider.

Slots are not this studio’s only sphere of interest. It has recently jumped on the latest bandwagon in the industry. Crash games are becoming increasingly popular, and Mancala looks to contribute to the trend. The following sections will explore its crash game portfolio and tell you what to expect. Read the article to learn more about Mancala’s crash games and everything they offer.


Beerhalla is a Viking-themed crash game like no other, seamlessly combining traditional gameplay and the exciting crash game mechanism. The balance between risk and reward is one of the most prominent elements of Beerhalla. You can choose the preferred game difficulty level and betting amount.

The strategy is to reveal hidden blocks while staying clear of red crosses. Every triumphant row brings wins, with menacing skull symbols threatening to destroy your winnings. The challenge is fitting for players of all calibres, for you need luck, skill and courage to avoid all the obstacles.

It is a charming, cartoonish game unfolding in a beer cellar with playful Viking characters, creating a lighthearted atmosphere. The RTP is 95%, going slightly below the industry standard. Still, you can grab solid wins and cash out whenever you want. You can start playing at £0.1, while the highest potential bet is £100. With a maximum win of 3,010x the stake, you can hope for an excellent amount.

Tussle iṣan

This game redefines the roulette experience by inviting you to the captivating arena, with the air brimming with excitement. It delivers a unique spectacle, with colourful blocks and heroic luchadors ready for epic battles. You should choose your champion wisely, for the wheels are spinning endlessly, and the outcome is never certain.

Place your bets and rely on your intuition to unveil the road to victory. If luck favours another, you can always try again, with chance and strategy blending in an unforgettable mix. The daring ones will reap bountiful rewards, but your losses will not be in vain. Every one of them will teach you something, for that is the way to the top.

This immersive experience offers an RTP of 93.5%, going far below the industry standard. The maximum win based on 1 million games is only 14x the stake. With a maximum bet of £100, the amount is not life-changing. However, at least sheer fun and a thoroughly engaging experience should be enough for you to try this one.

ipè Xplorer

Hyper Xplorer utilises the familiar theme, putting the game in space, but it has rewards like few such releases. Astronomical wins await if you combine luck and skill properly, with endless possibilities of payouts. With each second passing, the multiplier grows, and you decide when to check out.

Trust your intuition and exit the rocket at the right moment to grab fantastic amounts. Do you have enough courage to reach for the stars and wait for potentially epic payouts? The rocket’s crash can occur unexpectedly, but that is the risk you must take with such games. Place your bets and take off, with the possibility of pre-determining the amount you will cash out if you reach it.

Hyper Xplorer crash game
Hyper Xplorer does what crash games do best – Keep you on the edge of your seat and wanting more

Winnings are almost guaranteed with a fantastic RTP of 97%, and the maximum win amounts to 999,999x. You can place two bets simultaneously and cancel your wager before the rocket takes off. This phenomenal game allows you to take over the space explorer role and grab big wins.

Fortune Tumble

Fortune Tumble takes you on an adventure you will always remember. Explore the world of ancient magic, hunting for the riches amidst the Mayan temple. A whirlwind of colourful balls delivers a journey full of thrills, luck, and lucrative rewards. This mystical game defies gravity, unpredictably guiding the cascading balls, defying everyone’s expectations.

Your senses will sharpen with anticipation as you participate in a sacred ritual that can bring you hefty wins. Every ball is an opportunity for a small fortune. Determine the risk level with the number of pins and disks to drop. The fun can begin, and you will get the multiplier from the cell where your ball lands.

The RTP is 99%, which gives you excellent chances to come out richer. Additionally, the maximum win is 1,000x the bet, which can be an amount to remember. You can start with £0.1, but the highest wager is £100, and it can bring you handsome amounts.

Igbamu ati Win

Bust and Win is a thrilling game set in a desert, where you can come across treacherous mines and untold treasures. Reveal precious candies to trigger enormous riches, but be careful not to step on a mine that could destroy you. The exhilaration of potential wins is hardly conceivable if you are not there.

Select the grid size and number of mines before you start the game, then unveil candies. Cash out before stumbling upon a mine to secure your reward. Each uncovered candy increases your winning amount, and you can also cancel your bet before the game starts.

The RTP is 95%, remaining slightly below the industry average, but it is still an excellent game that offers many great opportunities. It has a maximum win of nearly 5,000,000x the stake, promising gigantic wins to the luckiest players. Who knows, maybe you are one of them.

The Last Quack

Remember when you were a kid and played the iconic game called Duck Hunt? The Last Quack allows you to take a trip down memory lane and revive your childhood. It blends the thrill of the chase with the nostalgia factor evoked by old arcade games, delivering an unforgettable experience.

You will meet ducks of different colours; the game pays you when you shoot the targets on the screen. Every round has 10 targets; the more hits, the bigger the chance to apply the multipliers. For 10 hit targets, the multiplier amounts to 100x, guaranteeing substantial payouts.

The maximum win is 220x the bet, with an RTP of 95%, meaning hitting the targets is not so easy. Still, the excitement is unique, and several features improve the experience. The Bonus Game activates when no targets are hit during the round, and you can also try for extra free rounds. The Red Duck can help you switch to Bloody Mode, and you can also purchase the Bonus Game for 10x the stake.

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