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  • Posted on August 23, 2023
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Satta Matka is a famous game among Indian gamblers. However, it’s now being introduced to players from the Western markets. It has all the elements to become enormously popular due to all perks it offers. BetGames has introduced Satta Matka Live, a version of the game that will attract players with its high tempo and engaging rounds.

This distinctive game provides a unique experience inspired by the game of the same name from India. BetGames does not tend to release games too often but looks to stay innovative and different. Satta Matka Live is a fantastic addition to its game portfolio, offering something players have not seen before.

Satta Matka Live delivers a one-of-a-kind playing experience for those who thought they tried every card game. Other subcontinental offerings, like Teen Patti and Andar Bahar, have proved immensely successful. The studio rightfully expects the same with this release. Read the article to learn everything about Satta Matka Live and its assets.


The game offers an RTP value of 95%, with a betting range of £1 – £59 and a maximum payout of £10,000. It is derived from an Indian lotto-style game, and its origins go back to betting on the cotton price. Since its beginnings, it has been connected with slips, lottery chips and playing cards.

A 40-card deck is used to play the game without Jacks, Queens or Kings. Aces are worth one point, while Tens equal zero. Other cards carry their face values; hence Twos are worth two points, and so on. Instead of betting on a particular side winning, players bet on cards that will turn up on the table.

Other wagers can include colours and suits, odd and even cards, card combinations, etc. You have 40 seconds to place wagers, with three cards drawn afterwards. You can bet on tens of combinations, with a wide range of odds, going from 1.3 to 700.

Satta Matka studio,dealer
Test your strategies in this marvelous card game

The action never stops, maintaining a high tempo during each round. The three drawn cards form a one-digit number (Single) and a three-digit number (Pana). If the Single is bigger than 10, the first number is removed. Of course, you are not limited to a single bet; you can wager on various things in the same round.

Betting Categories

The stakes are split into several categories for you to find them more easily. They can be related to colours and suits, and you can place bets on the three drawn cards to be more black/red or all black/red. You can try to guess if the cards will contain a certain suit (no cards/one card/more cards). Finally, you can place a bet on whether an Ace will be among the cards (Yes/No).

Betting on combinations includes forming Poker hands, with the rarest providing massive rewards. The six possibilities include High Card, Pair, Straight, Flush, Three-of-a-Kind and Straight Flush. You can grab mouth-watering awards from 1.4x for High Card to 290x for Straight Flush.

Moreover, Single bets predict the result of the added values (without the first number if it exceeds ten). Low and High Line (1-5 and 6-10), as well as Odd and Even, all bring 1.9x the stake. A single number you choose delivers the most lucrative prize of 9.5x the bet.

Finally, you can bet on Pana results of each round, trying to predict the three-digit value. Single, Double and Triple Pana pay 12x, 40x and 700x the stake, respectively, but there are other wagers, too. Numerous winning opportunities are in store, and the pace always stays the same.


This phenomenal experience with a player interface built in a TV show style is a fast-paced chance to grab excellent payouts. If you want a card game like no other, with exciting rounds and a plethora of wagers, Satta Matka Live is for you. Of course, it is vital to remain cool-headed and pay attention to your bankroll, as well as emotional investment.

We recommend playing Satta Matka Live wholeheartedly, as it is quick to draw you in and has the ammo to entertain you. You can relax after a long day, utilising the game’s wide range of wagers. All those bets allow you to employ various strategies, from playing it safe to going for high-risk, high-reward options. Blending both strategies might be the best, for you can see how the game goes and adapt your budget. Stay with OnlineGambling24 for more tips and tricks on Satta Matka Live.

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