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Aside from a huge collection of games, casino bonuses are the most important factor for players to even consider joining online casinos. It’s pretty easy to see why – everyone wants to get something extra for the money they’re planning to spend in a casino. The extra funds will nicely boost your casino account, but most importantly, they will also give you more chances to win.

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Casino Bonus

How to Claim the Best Casino Bonus

1. Choose the Bonus That Suits You Most

Above you can find the different bonuses that you can claim at an online casino. The first step of claiming a casino bonus that suits you is to choose the type of bonus.

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2. Choose the Casino With Your Best Favorite Bonus

On the page of the particular bonus, you will find more about the wagering conditions and the advantages and disadvantages of the bonus. We also have a review of each casino. The reviews are written by real experts.

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3. Claim the Bonus by Clicking on the Button

Pick the casino with the best bonus for you. Click on “PLAY NOW” to go directly to the casino of your choice.

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4. Sign Up to Claim Your Bonus

To claim the bonus you need to create an account. This does not have to take longer than 5 minutes and is 100% safe at the online casinos that we offer. For most bonuses, you also have to make a deposit of at least € 10 or € 20.

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5. Wager Your Bonus

The bonus money must be wagered a number of times before you can pay it out as real money. Which is of course very logical. For more about the bonus terms and conditions, read the T&Cs on the website of the casino itself.

bonus wagering

When it comes to online casinos, there are dozens of attractive types of bonuses. The most common ones are free spins and deposit bonuses, with some casinos giving players no deposit bonuses that are basically getting something for nothing.

All these bonuses have only one goal in mind. To keep players returning for more action, which means spending more and more money. It’s a simple, yet effective trick that keeps casinos in business for years.

How to pick the right Casino Bonus?

It’s totally up to you. If you’re an avid slot fan, a casino that rewards you with hundreds of free spins upon signing up makes perfect sense. If you want to boost your “wallet”, a deposit or no deposit bonus may be better.

When researching casino bonuses always pay attention to the terms and requirements before registering. Read them well – sometimes, players miss important things, ending up disappointed by not being able to withdraw their bonus winnings or even worse, not completing the requirements on time which terminates the bonus.

Different types of Casino Bonuses

The most common forms of casino bonuses are matched deposits/no deposit bonuses and free spins.

The first type will give you extra credits right after you register or after you make the first deposit, while the latter (free spins) is tied to slots and usually applies to all of the slots in the casino’s collection or a selected few.

The welcome bonus is given to players after they register. Casinos use these bonuses as a way of attracting new customers. It is issued into the player’s account after registration or after they’ve made their first deposit.

There are different types of welcome bonuses. Some casinos offer a first deposit or no deposit bonus, while others give a cashback bonus or free spins. Whatever the bonus is, it’s a nice way to start your journey in an online casino. The Welcome Bonus is the most used bonus in online gambling.

Slot and casino fans are certainly familiar with the term free spins. Free spins (FS for short), are a type of casino bonus usually handed out along with a deposit bonus or as a welcome offer. The term is self-explanatory – it means you’re getting free spins for specific slots or any slot in the casino’s library which may bring you rich prizes.

Depending on the terms of the bonus, free spins need to be wagered a number of times before the bonus winnings can be withdrawn.

No deposit bonuses are a hit among online casino players. This type of bonus is essentially getting something for nothing. Unlike welcome bonuses available after making a deposit, the no deposit bonus doesn’t require you to put money into your account.

It’s a great way of boosting your account balance without the need to spend money right away. Of course, should you end up winning with the no deposit bonus, you’ll have to complete the wagering requirements in order to withdraw the funds.

The cashback bonus gives you a percentage of the money you’ve lost back, no questions asked. Casinos are aware that players are losing a lot of money playing their games, so some of them offer a portion of the lost money back to players on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Of course, cashback bonuses aren’t very generous – in general, casinos offer 10% or 20% cashback bonuses at most.

On the other hand, some casinos link their cashback bonuses with VIP levels – the higher your status, the bigger the percentage of the bonus. Don’t expect full coverage for your losses, though.

Casino bonus codes are a string of letters or numbers which can be redeemed for a number of prizes. All a customer needs to do is write the casino bonus code for a special promotion in order to claim the prize, which can be anything from free money to free spins.

Reload bonuses aim to reward loyal players in the casino who have made a number of deposits in the past. They are given to existing customers only and usually match less than 100% of a deposit. For example, some casinos run a Friday night reload bonus that can match 30% of the deposits existing customers make on a Friday.

Networking and customer retention have become a standard in the casino industry nowadays. They offer casinos a way to retain customers while gaining new ones through word of mouth. The more players register at online casinos, the better. It improves the casino’s status on the scene so players are more likely to recommend it to their friends or family.

Many online casinos have a refer a friend bonus which gives an existing customer a bonus for referring their friend to the casino. It’s a simple way of spreading their influence in the industry while retaining satisfied customers.

Online Casino Bonus FAQ

At all online casinos, wagering conditions apply to the bonuses. Online casinos use these wagering terms to “protect” the bonuses from misuse.

These playing conditions are shown with a number and multiplication sign (x), for example: 10x. This means that the bonus money received must be wagered 10 times before being converted to “real money”. Bonus money cannot be paid out into the player’s “real money” bank account. The wagering may apply to the bonus money only or the deposit amount and bonus money.

Wagering requirements can range from 10x to 50x. High bonuses often have high requirements. If you want to pay out bonus money quickly, it can, therefore, be a good option to create an account at several online casinos with low wagering conditions. Despite the average lower bonus, you can still benefit from a lot of bonus money. In any case, do not look blindly at large bonuses, but also look at the bonus T&C’s.

Recruit New Players

The biggest reason why online casinos offer bonuses is to recruit new players. They hope to attract players by offering free money or/and free spins

Entice Existing Players Into New Money Deposits

Some bonuses ensure that existing players deposit money into their account. Such as the reload bonus. “Deposit another time and you will get a bonus from us!” Is the message. Or think of the regular bonuses that come back regularly. For example, if a new game is available or if there is a special day (Christmas for example).

Reward For Loyalty

Sometimes a bonus is just meant to reward you for your loyalty. The more often you have bet and deposited money, the higher you get in so-called loyalty programs of the online casinos. When you have reached a certain level, you will benefit from all kinds of extras. This is how you eventually become a real VIP player.

Not everyone knows, but you always have the choice to decline a casino bonus. Most players add the bonus money indiscriminately to their account, but sometimes it is wise not to accept it.

First, let’s list the pros and cons of a casino bonus. Then you can decide for yourself what works best for you.

The benefits of a casino bonus

The main advantage of a casino bonus is that you have more money to play with than you deposited yourself. For example, instead of € 100, you can now bet € 200. This increases the chance that you will earn a profit with your bets. You can also choose to deposit only half of what you wanted to play with, so you can end up playing for half of the money you had in mind to spend. Another advantage is that you can also get casino bonuses at different casinos. This way you can add extra money to your account in many places and the chance of any winnings will only increase.

The disadvantages of a casino bonus

The associated bonus T&C’s are often seen as a disadvantage when accepting a bonus. In particular, the wagering requirements ensure that many players ultimately do not have much use for their extra money.

You will have to see for yourself what works best for you. One does not mind playing around, the other prefers to play only with his own money that can be withdrawn at any time.

We have made an overview for you with the best no deposit bonuses available in your country. At all these casinos you can get a bonus without having to deposit money.

You can roughly divide bonuses you get at the casino into two categories. The first category is the so-called cashable bonus or non-sticky bonus. That is a bonus that you can have paid out (after possibly meeting wagering requirements).

The second category concerns the sticky bonus. A sticky bonus (as the name says) sticks to the casino and is therefore never withdrawable (even after having met all wagering requirements).

The sticky bonus is usually a no deposit bonus. To claim a no deposit bonus you do not have to put money in your account yourself and you can play carefree with your bonus money. It can also occur as a deposit bonus

Example of a sticky (deposit) bonus

Suppose you have deposited €100, where you received a sticky bonus of another €100 from the online casino. You then have €200 in your account. Next, you will play for a long time so that you have met the wagering requirements and you have managed to collect a total of €300. That is, therefore, €100 deposit, €100 bonus, and €100 profit. If you now want to have your money paid out, you can only withdraw a maximum of €200. The sticky bonus of €100 will stick to the casino.

A cashback bonus is a special type of bonus that you can get at the online casino. The name says it all: you will get part of your cash, back if you have lost money.

Usually, a cashback bonus consists of a certain percentage, for example, 10%. This means that if you put €100 into your account under the terms of the cashback bonus, you will receive a 10% bonus if you lose that €100. In this case, you immediately have €10 to play with. But what is often an even bigger advantage is that you can also have that bonus paid (almost) directly into your account without the associated wagering requirements (with very little wagering requirements).

Keep in mind the minimum payout amount that the casino where you play applies. It that’s for example, €20, it is still not possible to withdraw the €10. Incidentally, such a bonus does not only apply to a first deposit. There are online casinos that always guarantee you that percentage of cashback with every deposit you make.

Taking Advantage of the Different Types of Casino Bonuses

Most players would not even take a look at an online casino if its bonuses and promotions are not attractive. There’s nothing wrong with it – after all, for the time and money people spend in casinos, they should get something in return considering the fact that winning isn’t guaranteed.

The best way to take advantage of the best bonuses in online casinos is to find the promotion that suits you most. Of course, you should always check the terms and conditions as there’s a chance that they might not suit you. If everything works for you, getting the bonus cash, free spins or any other prize will definitely give your chances of winning some money in the casino.

If you plan on claiming the bonus, it’s also a good idea to check its wagering requirements. You can’t really expect the casino to give you something for free – all types of bonuses come with some strings attached, meaning you won’t be able to cash them out just like that.

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