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BetSoft Runs a May Promotion that Gives You the Chance to Take the Bank!

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  • Written by Henry
  • Posted on May 12, 2020
Home News & Articles BetSoft Runs a May Promotion that Gives You the Chance to Take the Bank!

BetSoft, the premium software developer, runs a May promotion that will give you the chance to “Take the Bank” and win a share of €28,000 for playing its amazing slot games!

Just make sure you take part in the tournaments which are already in place and play for your share of the massive prize pool.

The May Lucky 7 Promotion by BetSoft

To make the month of May a little bit better to all of its fans, the leading online gambling software developer BetSoft has decided to run a promotion that would give players the chance to “Take the Bank” of its cash.

The Lucky 7 promo by BetSoft helps you Take the Bank!
The Lucky 7 Promo by BetSoft Helps You Take the Bank!
So, if you’re a BetSoft fan, you’re in for a treat. The promotion started on the 4th of May, but you still have more than a half a month to join the tournaments. The entire promotion consists of 3 tournaments, for that matter, for the first 3 weeks of the month, and one final, 4th tournament for the last win of May, called the Lucky Prize Draw.

The first three weeks make up the first phase of the promotion. A share of the €7,000 prize pool per week will be won by the top seven players on the leaderboard in this period of time. The promotion is available for seven hit titles by BetSoft: The Golden Owl of Athena, Heist, Gold Canyon, Gemmed, Total Overdrive, and of course, Take the Bank and Lucky Seven.

Finally, in the second and final phase of the promotion, there will be the Lucky Prize Draw. Here, seven qualified players would be randomly selected and each of these players will instantly win €1,000 in cash as their reward.

This is where you will find BetSoft's slots:

BetSoft’s Promotion Announcement

BetSoft is known for its dedication towards its fans, so this is not the first promotion it has run over the years. But still, it is always thrilled to announce a new promo that is about to hit online casinos powered by its software.

Its Marketing Director, Annamaria Anastasi said that they were all delighted to announce the new, exciting May promotion. She said that throughout the entire promotional period, BetSoft would be giving away a total of €28,000 across seven popular titles by the developer. €7,000 in cash prizes would be rewarded to players who made it to the top of the respective leaderboards, weekly.

Finally, Anastasi added that even those players who were unable to get to the top of the leaderboards would still get a chance to win a prize in the final random prize draw. Considering that €1,000 in cash would be awarded to seven randomly-selected lucky players, the final draw would be incredible.

About BetSoft

BetSoft has been around since 2006, and its brand is synonymous with cinematic casino content and innovative gaming solutions. As such, it has partnered with over 200 leading online casinos, offering them over 200 of its hit titles, and regularly surprising their players with promotions such as this one. Make sure you check this one out and start looking forward to any future promos by the developer to boost your wins. 

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