Can Online Slots Be Rigged?

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  • Posted on February 22, 2021
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When losing in an online slot game, it’s easier to blame someone else. One of the excuses you’ll often hear from frustrated players is that the game is “rigged”.

Claiming that players are destined to lose is an often played scenario, with many slot lovers arguing that nothing they did could have prevented such an outcome.

When you’re frustrated or in a run of poor results, it makes perfect sense to make these allegations. However, at one point, you have to ask yourself could online slots be rigged in the first place?

This article will examine a couple of crucial facts about online slots, and at the same time, try to provide a definite answer to this question.


All games available at leading online casinos, including those listed at, have been registered with a corresponding regulatory body.

Before an online casino receives its license, the regulator thoroughly checks the software on offer. Not only that, it reviews all aspects of the site: its organisation, its offering, player security, and much more. This review aims to ensure the online casino adheres to a rigorous set of rules required by the membership. Only then will it receive the license to offer customers online games.

However, if the site doesn’t pass this test, it won’t be allowed to operate.

All sites will display their license within the information section, clearly showing all games on offer are secure and fair.

But is it possible for a site to include unfair games in its lineup? Games that won’t give players fair odds? The answer is simple: they can’t. And here’s why.

Game Certification

Can sites cheat after receiving a license? Again, that cannot happen, as all online slots have individual certifications, which guarantee they’re fair for customers.

Before a game is certified, it’s tested to check its payout percentage or return to the player, as it’s often called. These tests are conducted by an organisation known as eCOGRA. The reviews it runs will make sure the figure is as accurate as possible, although checking the payout percentage in practice is a bit hard.

However, many slot lovers think that a return to player of 97% means they may get 97% of their coins back in a single spin. And when they don’t, they immediately assume the casino is robbing them. The figure means the online slot game will pay out 97% of the money it takes, but only over a certain period of time.

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The House Edge in Online Slots

Calculating the house edge is easy. Just subtract the game’s RTP from 100%. It usually varies between 2% and 5% when it comes to online slots, with some games offering even more.

It has a significant impact on every spin. The bigger the house edge, the more likely you’re going to lose. Combine that with the fact that online slots are basically random number generators, and you’ll realise the more chances you have to go on a losing streak. There’s no foul play behind that. You just have more losing combinations than those that result in a win.

Choosing a game with a higher house edge means the odds of losing are greater. The game is not rigged, it’s merely the result of the choice you made.

Jade Valley slot gameplay
Playing slot games that feature high volatility can bring you big profits but more often you won’t find yourself lucky.

The Slot Volatility

This is an important factor, which you’ll often encounter when reading a slot review. But what does it mean?

A game with low volatility will award smaller prizes, but more often. These games usually don’t have a massive jackpot, while their RTP is between 95% and 98%.

On the other hand, highly volatile slots won’t payout that often, but the prizes they deliver are much more significant. Progressive slots are an excellent example of a high volatility game, where a portion of the money goes into the jackpot. You won’t find lots of smaller wins there, but huge payouts and jackpots are worth waiting for.

In practice, you can end up winning nothing at all or hitting staggering jackpots. So when playing a highly volatile game, you have to bear in mind the nature of these games.

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Casino Bonus

Bet Size

The more spins you play, the bigger are your chances to win. To play more, you’ll need to manage your bankroll to afford a large number of spins.

That’s why choosing the right bet is essential. If you spend all your money on a few spins is the wrong decision to make. Doing so is likely to leave you empty-handed.

So, if you’re playing certified games at a licensed online casino, the only reason you’re not winning is not that the slot is rigged. You’re losing because you’re playing highly volatile games with a low house edge. The chances of running into a truly rigged game are smaller than hitting a massive progressive jackpot.

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