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Curacao is a small island in the Lesser Antilles, part of the Dutch Caribbean region. For gamblers it's an important island, Curacao issues a popular gaming license that has been present in the industry since 1996.

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Curacao is one of the oldest providers of eGaming licenses in the industry. The body has proudly served some of the biggest operators in the online gambling industry since 1996 and is an excellent choice for newcomers.

With relatively low tax rates, a quick approval process, and no market restrictions, the Curacao License is a perfect choice for any new casino that wants to start its business on the right foot.

Of course, it’s not all rainbows and ponies when it comes to this Curacao license. There have been reports of Curacao-licensed casinos going rogue, and then there’s the problem of not helping players with any kind of dispute against a casino. The Curacao license doesn’t exactly protect players, which is why many experts consider it meaningless.

Curacao – One of the oldest regulated Jurisdictions

The island of Curacao is one of the oldest regulated jurisdictions in the world. As we’ve already mentioned, the Curacao eGaming license gained global recognition in 1996 and has been powering many casinos since then. Due to the increased need for gaming regulation, the costs for gaming licenses have dramatically increased, which is where Curacao holds an advantage. Instead of charging prospective clients insane sums of money, the Curacao eGaming license is relatively cheap, which means that any prospective gaming operator can afford it.

Additionally, Curacao offers a single all-in-one package for new clients with an online casino or gambling site that includes consulting, license, and supervision as well as additional services.

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The authority in Curacao for licenses

What does Curacao eGaming deal with?

Unlike other bodies, Curacao doesn’t feel the need to offer various types of licenses. There’s only one type of license which covers many gaming areas, including casinos, exchanges, lotteries, sports betting, skill-based games, and games of chance. This makes things much easier for prospective clients, who are often confused by the types of licenses the MGA offers, for example.

The body is dedicated to fighting fraud schemes which have become increasingly common in the gambling industry. If you’re planning on registering at a Curacao casino and you don’t want to fall prey to fraudulent schemes, you only need to take a look at the logo, which indicates the status of the operator. Depending on the color of the logo, the operator can be Valid, Invalid or have Unknown Status, helping you identify any problems beforehand.

If you notice that the casino you’re playing at doesn’t follow Curacao’s validation rules, you can contact the body to investigate the matter further. Besides the licensing and regulation, Curacao also offers technical and financial support for its clients.

What are the Pros and Cons?

There are many advantages and disadvantages of this popular license, which make Curacao a controversial governing body for many. The most obvious advantages are the low taxes (only 2% of net profits charged), as well as the swift approval process. This is what makes Curacao eGaming a favorite for new casinos that are trying to get approved fast without being reviewed by the UK Gambling Commission or similar bodies for months.

Additionally, the master license Curacao issues can be sub-licensed to everyone. These sub-licenses have all the benefits of the master licenses except for the option to be sub-licensed further. It’s a great way to get a Curacoa license pretty quickly by a bigger casino for only a fraction of the price of the master license.

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Another advantage of Curacao is that the process of getting a license is much simpler than getting a Curacao license from the UKGC or MGA. You can apply yourself on Curacao eGaming’s portal without the need to spend thousands on lawyers. Finally, there are no market restrictions when it comes to this license, meaning that just about anyone who applies will get it.

But, just like anything that sounds too good to be true, Curacao eGaming has many disadvantages. First and foremost, its biggest advantages, the simple process of approval and the low licensing fees, are also its biggest disadvantages. As anyone can apply for the license and get it in a short time, it doesn’t really hold any meaning. Furthermore, Curacao doesn’t intervene in disputes between players and casinos, which is the whole point of licensing and regulation. It’s not a license players can trust, per se, although there’s a number of great Curacao casinos that are safe and legal to play at.

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