Difference Between Mobile Casino Website & Mobile Casino Apps

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Online gambling is a vast industry, which continues to grow. Currently, the desktop segment dominates this market, with most customers enjoying their game using a PC or laptop.

However, this segment has been dropping over the years, as more and more gamblers are converting to mobile. There’s no doubt that mobile will become the leading segment in the coming period.

As the mobile casino platform becomes increasingly popular, players will need to make certain choices during the transitional period. The most important decision they will have to make is whether they want to play their games through a downloadable casino app or use a mobile browser to access a mobile casino site.

online casino mobile app
HTML5 significantly enhanced the mobile gaming experience on casino sites.

This transition can be confusing, and that’s why we at OnlineGambling24.com want to make the process as seamless as possible. Today, we’re going to talk about the differences between these two segments. A particular focus will be on the performance aspects of both.

What’s a Mobile Casino App?

A mobile application is a piece of software created to run on mobile devices. All applications are designed to take advantage of the specific capabilities that a device is offering. They make the most out of the device’s hardware, including its RAM and processors. That way, apps can streamline the processing of data forms involved.

A casino application is designed to work with platforms such as iOS and Android and enhance communication between the device and the specific gaming software. Thanks to this, the device offers a seamless experience to players.

What’s a Mobile Casino?

As its name suggests, a mobile casino site is an online gaming website explicitly designed to be accessed through a web browser of a mobile device. All data is configured based on the general way the device process programs. HTML5 represents the fifth generation of Hypertext Markup Language, a code used to describe web pages. It revolutionised the mobile segment by making it easier for mobile devices to process web data, allowing gamblers to play their games without installing any additional app.

What Are the Main Differences?

Now it’s time to see what separates these two platforms. There are some similarities, but we’re going to be focused on the differences between them.

    • Reach

Mobile applications are an exclusive piece of software, meaning they are designed to work on a specific software platform. There are apps available for iOS and Android, but some only work on one of those platforms.

On the other hand, web browsers can be used across all platforms. The only problem you can encounter is the lack of processing efficiency if you have an older device. No matter the device, or your platform, you can use the same web browser without compatibility issues.

    • Speed

The average internet user has a tolerance threshold of just eight seconds. In most cases, web browsers are quicker than casino apps. This speed is one of the reasons behind the increasing popularity of mobile casino sites.

Although they offer fast access to websites, browsers depend on the internet speed. That means that a poor internet connection will reflect on the browser’s performance. In such a case, using an app is a better solution, as data is already accessible on your mobile device.

    • Managing the Content

It’s much easier to update a website than an app. A mobile casino website can be updated in seconds, with customers able to use it immediately after. However, updating an app takes a while, and even after developers complete the process, the job is not done. Players will have to be notified about an update, and then they’ll have to download it and install it.

A link to a website is easily shared across social networks. This influences a casino’s marketing strategy and allows users to share their favourite games and websites with their friends.

Quality and Playing Experience

Playing games on a mobile device wasn’t a seamless experience before the HTLM5 came around. Thanks to this technology, mobile browsers have enabled mobile users to enjoy their games without any technical limits.

Thanks to HTML5, an app won’t consume your device’s entire memory, and you’ll have the same level of quality offered on a PC and laptop. It doesn’t matter whether you enjoy games from Microgaming, NetEnt, or some other online casino software supplier, you’ll be treated to the best play available.

There are some issues when playing in portrait mode on your mobile device, as the browser bar will be displayed along the signal and display bars. But if this bothers you, you can always play using a mobile casino app.

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What’s More Popular?

According to a poll, only 20% of mobile gamblers use apps, so it’s reasonable to say the remaining 80% are satisfied with the performance provided by web browsers.

Most online casinos have a mobile variant, while not all of them have a mobile app available. This means that most players will use a web browser to gamble rather than downloading a dedicated app.

We indeed use many mobile apps, but mostly those for messaging, listening to music, and accessing social media.

Online casino apps played a massive part in the early years of mobile gambling. And that’s a fact. However, the introduction of HTML5 has changed the scene, altogether redefining the world of mobile casinos. Thanks to this technology, it’s more efficient on a daily basis and way more convenient for customers.

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