Embark on an Epic Adventure with Evoplay’s Elven Princesses Crown Quest

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  • Posted on September 11, 2023
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Evoplay, a well-respected online casino content developer, has prepared a sequel to its beloved game, Elven Princesses. The titular character returns to guide you through a perilous quest to secure big wins. Fans have waited for the sequel for a long time and have the chance to enjoy an excellent fantasy game.

The valiant princess Amaniel faces numerous obstacles on her way to victory, and players will help her win. Her courage is to be tested through multiple ordeals, but she is up to the task if you assist her. Every successful stride replenishes the kingdom’s treasury, but it will be a challenging assignment to grab substantial wins.

This game is not a regular online slot but a unique and distinctive casino game promising a high level of excitement. The journey is full of challenges, for encountering Crowns brings wins, while Skulls mean defeat. Read the article to find out everything you need to know about this engaging sequel.

Numerous Tremendous Opportunities

The action plays out on a 5×6 board, with an RTP ranging from 96.25% to 97% and a betting range of £1 – £100. It grants a maximum win of 9,000x the stake, attracting both daredevils and penny-pinchers. Given the nature of the game, the players determine their own risk levels, and the volatility is adjustable.

The provider has continued to create diverse games, enriching its portfolio with plenty of exquisite releases. The games like Europe Transit and Lucky Porker have already brought new experiences and gaming worlds to wider audiences. Many opportunities lie in store if you are fortunate and patient enough.

CEO at Evoplay, Ivan Kravchuk, has stated this release sets players up for a fantastic adventure. They need to tread carefully through the minefields and hit multipliers to save the kingdom. It is a dangerous journey, but those who want substantial wins have to embark on it.

The game is built on a popular risk-level mechanism that allows players to adjust the volatility and tailor their preferences. Kravchuk talked about how delighted the company is to deliver the game to its friends and partners. Instant games are not a novelty, but they are a breath of fresh air, especially at a time when online slots are so dominant.

Elven Princesses Crown Quest

The only feature in the game is called Risk Levels, and it enables players to choose how volatile or complex their game will be. They determine their own risk and the awards they will fight for.

Risk Levels

After placing the bet, you can choose which symbols on the 5×6 board to unveil or select them randomly. You can reveal a Crown Multiplier, which allows you to play more, or a Skull, representing a mine which stops the game. Players also select the number of Skull symbols (1-20), and more of them increase the game’s volatility.

However, more Skull symbols also mean more massive multipliers when they land. You have more chances to lose but also to grab huge payouts. If you are a risk-taker, 20 positions can hide a Skull, making the journey a truly arduous task. Still, a maximum win of about 9,000x the stake makes it worth the risk, and wonderfully dynamic gameplay creates a unique experience.

Elven Princess Crown Quest slot gameplay
Lead Princess Amaniel to victory and ensure her army’s triumph over adversity in new Evoplay’s video slot titled Elven Princesses: Crown Quest.

You decide whether you have the guts to take the princess through such a hazardous adventure. Adjust the game to suit your budget and preferences with the risk and volatility you select. This instant game will reach large audiences due to its straightforward nature and fast-paced gameplay.

If you tread cautiously enough, many excellent wins are possible, and triumph over adversity is imminent. The provider has done a fantastic job creating a tense atmosphere and developing a game that delivers instant wins. You can collect them or continue playing for as long as you like until you unveil a Skull.

Evoplay knows how to meet players’ demands, creating a sequel to one of its most popular games, Elven Princesses. It was a beautiful, classic slot, but the creators demonstrated their penchant for innovation with the new instant game. The expectations are immensely high, and you will find out all the news regarding Evoplay’s portfolio if you stay with OnlineGambling24.

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