Evolution Delivers Gold Vault Roulette

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  • Posted on September 25, 2023
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Evolution is a market-leading iGaming brand and the industry’s number-one live casino game provider. However, the previous game version, Gold Bar Roulette, was a rather unpopular title, and the replacement was expected for a long time. The famous developer re-designed the game to meet its players’ demands.

Players seeking a thoroughly entertaining experience with multiplied rewards will have an excellent time. The luxurious addition to the game library is designed in a way to enchant and delight its fans. It will give you a chance to unlock up to 20 Gold Bar Multipliers per round. Numerous thrilling opportunities are in store in this dazzling release.

It blends European Roulette and high-pay RNG, adding extra suspense to the game. Each spin unveils between 5 and 20 Gold Bars, every one of them acting as a 50x multiplier. They will automatically be put in random places for an opportunity to grab big payouts, including the elusive maximum win.

This game has an optimal RTP of 97.30% and allows up to three Gold Bars stacked on a position. With a multiplier of up to 150x the stake, the possibilities are endless. Moreover, the Super Gold Bar that grants the maximum win is worth 500x the bet. Read the article to find out everything about Gold Vault Roulette.

How to Play

The game’s objective is to predict the correct number the ball will land by putting single or multiple bets on it. The wheel does not include the double zero but a single one with numbers ranging from 1 to 36. Various types of bets are possible, covering a single number or a particular range. Each wager has its own payout rate, bringing potentially lucrative wins.

Put a chip or chips on the wagering grid to participate in the game, and the dealer will spin the ball when the betting time expires. He also opens a safe with four boxes to unveil 5 to 20 Gold Bars, providing many winning chances. Each Bar is worth 50x the stake and is automatically allocated to a random spot.

As said, up to three Bars can cover a single spot, with the multiplier value reaching up to 150x the stake. A particularly rare Super Gold Bar can appear in some rounds, worth 500x the bet. However, remember that only a single Super Gold Bar can be revealed in a round. Its giant multiplier will randomly belong to a wager spot.

The ball will stop spinning in one of the wheel pockets, and you will win if you place a chip on the number. Furthermore, if the number has any Gold Bar Multipliers, they are applied accordingly. If you want to put the same bets for a selected number of times, choose the “Autoplay “option.

Evolution released Gold Vault Roulette
Check out the new live roulette from Evolution – Gold Vault Roulette

You can put chips on numbers, colours, wheel sections and many other combinations to cover 2+ numbers. Straight-up bets are the only ones eligible for multiplayer payouts, with the rest paying at the usual European Roulette rate. Finally, the Super Gold Bar cannot be given to a number with a Gold Bar, and vice versa.

Betting Combinations

Straight-up bets are connected to a particular number, while you can also wager on Red or Black. However, those are not your only wagering possibilities in this game. You can place a bet on whether the result will be Odd or Even or use columns, dozens and high/low range numbers.

You can use the French Bets to determine group numbers as they turn up together on the wheel. They have exotic names like Orphelins, Voisins, Tiers and Zero, and you can use the Racetrack to make them. One should not forget the neighbour bets, where you choose a number and bet on either side.

Finally, you can make Split Bets in which a single chip covers more numbers, like Corner, Street and Line Bets. Each covers 2-6 numbers, not benefitting from the Gold Bars. As you can see, many wagers are available, depending on your preferences.


It is crucial to notice that no strategy guarantees a win, multipliers, or profit. If you cover all straight-up numbers, you will include 37 and get back 24 units of the wheel. It is a strategy to follow only if a winning number has a multiplier. Hence, applying it for a maximum of a few spins is recommended, or you will probably lose more than you win.

If you cover wheel sections, you do not put all your eggs in a single basket, accepting that you will have certain losses. However, you can mitigate those by placing other wagers alongside straight-up bets. If you cover a third of the wheel using Sections, Dozens or Columns, converting them into straight-up bets is best. Profit from the multiplier and take the opportunity to snatch big wins.

The chance of landing a winning number is 33%, so a multiplier is your best chance again. You need to get it to avoid running out of money quite quickly. However, you can lay some even-money bets to mitigate the losses, as you will have a better chance of 50-50. Still, you can lose money equally easily, so proceed with caution.

Another low-risk variant, if you do not chase the multipliers, is the Outside Bets like Odd/Even and Red/Black. You can spice it up with a few low straight-up bets on your favourite numbers to be on the safe side. If you enjoy Roulette, find the balance and make bets tailored to your budget.

It turned out that Gold Vault Roulette is a slightly less volatile variant of Lightning Roulette. It is understandable why Gold Bar Roulette was closed, as players did not like its premise. Still, the question of whether this game is a valid replacement remains. It will indubitably reach large audiences, but only time will tell if it was a good move to develop it like this. Stay with OnlineGambling24 to find out everything about Evolution’s live ventures.

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