Evolution is Taking You to Fantastic Riverboat Voyage in MONOPOLY Big Baller

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  • Posted on August 10, 2022
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Say hello to MONOPOLY Big Baller, a new bingo-style game show from Evolution. As you may have guessed from the name, it’s based on one of the most popular board games in the world.

Players can look forward to thrilling gameplay, where multipliers significantly boost the winning chances and deliver an immersive playing experience. Things get more exciting in the bonus game, where Mr. Monopoly makes his appearance to collect multiplier prizes for you.

Get ready for a riverboat voyage like no other, with the action centered on the ball drawing machine.

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How to Play

The first thing to do is place a bet on one or more Chance/Free Space cards (up to four are available). Once that’s done, the five-by-five card you bet on will generate a number from 1 to 60. You can choose to switch cards between the two options whenever you want.

Before we move on, let’s take a moment to see how these cards work. A Free Space card is a “free space” and acts as a drawn number. It can also improve the odds of making a line. On the other hand, a Chance card is guaranteed to deliver a multiplier, although free spaces can be added later.

Main Game

After the betting time is over, Mr. Monopoly will jump into action, pulling a lever to randomly place free spaces and multipliers for the card you bet on.

Multipliers will come into play after one or more balls with corresponding numbers from the card are drawn.

Three types of Chance multipliers are available:

  • Standard – multiplies payout on any line with the drawn number. Its value can be 10x or 20.
  • Line – awards a payout if a corresponding line is won. The multiplier has a value of 20x or 50x.
  • Global – any winning line results in the multiplied payout. The value of this multiplier is 2x or 3x.

It’s Time to Draw the Balls

Once all free spaces and multipliers are added to the available cards, it’s time to start the draw. During the process, a total of twenty balls (from sixty) will be drawn from the drawing machine.

If the drawn ball matches the number on your card, a free place is placed on the said number. The drawn balls will be displayed on the screen, including the remaining ones. You’ll also notice that red balls are marked on your cards, while grey balls don’t match any number. Completing one or more lines on a card wins the bet!

Bonus Game

Players have to bet on 3 Rolls or 5 Rolls to take part in the bonus games. It’s triggered if three unique numbers for 3 Rolls and four numbers for 5 Rolls are drawn, although it won’t start until the draw is complete.

Two dice are used in the bonus game, which can be rolled three or five times for 3 Rolls or 5 Rolls, respectively. If both bonus games are triggered, they’ll be played one after the other.

Evolution presents Monopoly Big Baller live
Monopoly Big Baller live makes rolling on the river even more fun

About the MONOPOLY Board

Evolution’s new release uses the same board layout as the regular game. The main difference is that each property in MONOPOLY Big Baller comes with a multiplier.

The bonus game, which we’ve just mentioned, begins with houses and hotels randomly built on specific properties. Every house and hotel impacts the size of their multipliers.

Spaces on the Board

After the dice are rolled, Mr. Monopoly will move the corresponding number of spaces. Any bonus game winnings are shown and then added to the overall win. Whenever Mr. Monopoly stops on Chance or Community Chest, players can claim a cash prize or win a fee.

If Mr. Monopoly stops on the Go to Jail space, he’ll end up in jail. To get out of it, a player must roll a double. Don’t be afraid; finishing the bonus game in jail won’t impact your previous winnings. All you need is a double roll, and you’ll receive an additional one if you succeed.

Income Taxes and Winnings

We should point out that income tax reduces bonus winning by 10%. On the other hand, Supertax can decrease them by 20%, provided the size of your bonus winning allows it.

Once Mr. Monopoly passes Go all available prizes on the board will be doubled in size. When no more rolls are left, the bonus game ends, with all bonus winnings paid out together with any wins from the bingo game.

Payouts and RTP

The Free Space card pays from 2:1 to 39:1 per line, while prizes offered by the Chance card can go up to 199:1 per line. As we already mentioned, 3 Rolls and 5 Rolls bets trigger the bonus game.

The latest addition to Evolution’s portfolio comes with a theoretical payout percentage of 96.10%.

MONOPOLY Big Baller Live will indeed appeal to fans of the live dealer segment. Apart from that, the game has the potential to draw the attention of players who have never tried live games produced by Evolution. We’re looking forward to checking out the new game, and we recommend giving it a go. Visit OnlineGambling24 to discover more titles like this.

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