Evolution Unveils Lightning Dragon Tiger

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  • Posted on March 27, 2024
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Few companies can match Evolution when it comes to live games. This studio has excelled in this category for years, maintaining its reputation as a market leader. Using exciting versions of classic land-based games to deliver an exceptional experience has been Evolution’s trademark for a long time.

The latest product in its live game portfolio is Lightning Dragon Tiger, a classic card game with fantastic multipliers. This unique variant of a favourite Asian pastime is bound to conquer the market by storm. Players guess which side will have the highest value card, Dragon or Tiger. New levels of anticipation and excitement will infuse your gaming experience.

In each round, a single card suit will be assigned a random multiplier, ranging from 2x to 8x. Your task is to place a bet where you think the highest value will be dealt and let it play out. You can choose a Tie or a Suited Tie if you expect both hands to have the same result. Additionally, a 20% fee is added to your stake for the chance of multiplied winnings.

After the Lightning Round finishes, Dragon and Tiger are dealt one card each, and the higher value wins. If it happens that your winning hand contains a Lightning Card, the payout will be multiplied accordingly. Read the article to learn everything you need to know about this magnificent version of the ancient game.

How to Play Lightning Dragon Tiger

With an optimal RTP of 96.99%, Lightning Dragon Tiger is an excellent addition to the live game portfolio. Evolution already has similar versions of other player favourites, like Lightning Roulette, Dice and Blackjack. Here, you can expect up to 13 Lightning Cards in every round and multipliers of up to 1,280x the stake. The high volatility promises infrequent but substantial wins with a lot of thrills.

As said, the game’s goal is to predict which side (Tiger or Dragon) will be dealt the highest card. Lightning Dragon Tiger is played with 8 decks, 52 cards each, excluding Jokers. The values include Aces, which count as 1, with every other number having its own value. The King is the strongest, which means the values go from A to K.

Lightning Dragon Tiger gameplay
Evolution’s new release, Lightning Dragon Tiger, promises to elevate your gaming thrill and anticipation to new heights.

You can place a bet on a Dragon, Tiger, Tie or Suited Tie, while a 20% fee will be added to your stake. For example, if your bet is £5, it will result in a total bet of £6, displayed in your user interface. The Lightning Round can start when the betting time is over, delivering the most exciting moments.

In each Lightning Round, a random suit gets a multiplier of 2x to 8x. Of course, the Lightning Suit and its multiplier are displayed on the screen. The main round occurs after the Lightning Round when a single card is dealt to both Dragon and Tiger.

While dealing, Lightning Cards are highlighted in the interface if a matching card is dealt. This way, the game makes you aware you have a chance for a multiplied win. The most thrilling part of the round is discovering whether your wins will be multiplied. If your hand is winning, you are paid out accordingly.

Furthermore, if the winning hand includes a matching Lightning Card, the winnings are multiplied accordingly. Additionally, if there are two Lightning Cards as a result of a Suited Tie or a Tie, the winnings are multiplied once more. Multiple winning opportunities await; the RTP value indicates everyone has a shot.


While only a few hands generate a payout, Dragon Tiger fans will not be unsatisfied with the possibilities. Dragon and Tiger pay 8:1 each, while the two Tie hands are much more lucrative. A regular Tie grants 6.5 – 416:1, whereas a Suited Tie will pay 20 – 1,280:1.

With a maximum win of 1,280x the stake, Lightning Dragon Tiger offers a shot at glory and potentially massive payouts. The largest possible payout is £500,000, plus the initial wager on the winning hand. The lowest potential bet is £1, while the highest wager is £5,000. If Lady Luck is your friend, no feat is impossible.

Dragon Tiger is a classic Asian card game with many versions since its inception. Nowadays, multiple providers try to develop a game that will engage players and make them come back for more all the time. Various studios have tried, but no provider has had more success than Evolution. It is a number-one live game provider for a reason, and Lightning Dragon Tiger confirms the statement. Stay with OnlineGambling24 to learn more about the upcoming live titles from Evolution and everything they bring to the table.

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