Evoplay Deals a Winning Hand with Video Poker

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  • Posted on November 13, 2023
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Evoplay, a prominent online casino content supplier, has prepared another hit for its loyal fans. Video Poker reimagines a casino classic every aficionado will enjoy. It puts a modern twist on the classic Jacks or Better game, enabling players to hold five hands simultaneously. Numerous winning opportunities are in store for fortunate players who enjoy this kind of fun.

Holding five hands enhances your chances of landing a winning combo in this excellent game. While the virtual cards are being dealt, the tension is rising, with players’ pulse quickening. The game draws a five-card hand, which you can hold or discard before the final draw reveal.

You have to make your decisions quickly as there are plenty of options. It is hard to choose whether to hold the pair of Tens or chase the Royal Flush for a hefty win. Your instinct will play a big role in your strategy. Read the article to find out everything you can about the hit game from Evoplay.

Timeless Elegance

Each calculated choice takes you a step closer to grabbing impressive wins hidden in the game. The environment is similar to the vintage casino experience, with a bit of modern sophistication. It is an innovative blend of luck and strategy that can bring you handsome payouts.

With an RTP of 95.79%, the game goes slightly below the industry standard but still offers decent wins. If you are looking for a special game, many perks and assets are in store. From the memorable audio-visual presentation to engaging features and nice wins, Video Poker is an unforgettable game.

Winning hands are displayed with their multiplier amounts alongside five-card draws. The amounts start at 1x for Jacks or Better, finishing with 250x the stake for the royal flush. Evoplay has been on a roll for quite some time, adding a table game to its library after the hit games like October Pub and Pumpkin Master.

Video poker from Evoplay
Hold up to five hands and increase your wining opportunities

CEO at Evoplay, Ivan Kravchuk, has stated that Video Poker blends the allure of Jacks or Better with multipliers and many hands. The auto-hold mode adds to the dynamic gameplay, helping players experience the best version. Evoplay looks to provide unique experiences all over the iGaming industry, combining favourite classic games with its modern twist.

The anticipation is built with every button touch, even though the volatility is low. It guarantees small but frequent wins, keeping you active all the time. The minimum wager one can place per single hand is £0.1, while the highest bet is £100. When it comes to the maximum win, it amounts to £18,750 per one hand, while five hands can bring you £93,750. Add the hit rate of 45%, and you will have a game to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Video Poker: Features

With Hands and Auto Hold, Video Poker offers many exciting possibilities. The following sections will tell you something more about the features in question.


This game allows you to play up to 5 hands simultaneously. Your winning chances increase with the number of active hands. As for the odds, you can expect an Epic Win once in nearly 40,000 hands, while a Mega Win occurs once in 7,634 hands. Big and Super Wins come around once in 405 hands.

Auto Hold

If the Auto Hold mode is triggered, the winning combo will be held automatically upon dealing. Players can use the Autoplay function throughout this mode. It helps customise the experience even more, creating one of the most appealing versions of Video Poker worldwide.

All video poker lovers are bound to enjoy this release from Evoplay. The cutting-edge technology enables a top-notch atmosphere, and the game is superbly optimised for all devices. Video Poker will be your cup of tea if you like this kind of entertainment. It might not offer life-changing wins, but it provides continuous entertainment and high quality. Stay with OnlineGambling24 to know more about video poker releases across the industry.

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