Get Ready for a Brand New Andar Bahar Live from Pragmatic Play

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  • Posted on October 6, 2021
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This October, Pragmatic Play is expanding its lineup of live casino games by launching its live variant of the popular Indian card game Andar Bahar. Relying purely on luck, the new release comes with three side bets and improved RTP.

One of the main characteristics of the live Andar Bahar game is its simplicity. It comes with two main bets and essentially offers players a fifty-fifty chance to win. Pragmatic Play is not the first live casino games developer to launch a release based on Andar Bahar, but the renowned gaming company made sure the title would stand out with quality.

The new game will be streamed from the purposely built state-of-the-art studio and promises to deliver plenty of excitement. New players will easily get into Andar Bahar, while experienced casinos veterans are sure to enjoy the new experience brought by one of the best live Andar Bahar titles available at this moment.

Playing the Game

First, the basics. Andar Bahar is played with one deck, with every round beginning with the dealer drawing a card called the Joker. The cards are then dealt into two piles, Andar and Bahar. One card is dealt to Andar, then one to Bahar, and so on.

The player’s goal is to predict which of these piles will receive a card whose value matches the Joker. Make the correct prediction to win the game’s main bet.

When playing Pragmatic Play’s Andar Bahar, Andar will always get the first card, which means this pile will have slightly better odds of winning. To balance this out, payouts delivered by Andar will be a bit smaller.

Between each round, you’ll have 15 seconds to place your bets. In addition to wagering on main bets, you can place your stake on side bets as well.

Special Features

The screen feature located at the bottom of the screen offers players all sorts of information on the game, from statistical data to hot and cold numbers. But the most exciting aspect of this game is the offering of side bets.

The First Card side bet allows players to wager on either Andar or Bahar. It offers the lowest RTPs in the game, so you should probably avoid it.

Andar Bahar live dealer
Pragmatic Play has enriched its portfolio with Indian themed card game Andar Bahar.

The Number of Cards side bet enables players to guess how many cards will be drawn before the round ends. The 15-25 is the best option in terms of value and has the highest payout percentage in the game.

The First 3 side bet uses the Joker and the first Andar and Bahar cards to form a poker hand. Get a Flush, Straight or Straight Flush to claim a win. When playing this side bet, players can look forward to sold RTP values.

Andar Bahar Live Payouts and RTPs

When compared to its competition, Pragmatic Play’s Andar Bahar comes with a slightly higher payout percentage. The main bets are quite simple and are almost even money. On the other hand, the game’s side bets offer a wide variety of RTPs.

Here are the payouts and RTPs of the game’s main bets:

  • Andar – 0.9:1 (97.85%)
  • Bahar – 1:1 (97%)

Here is a lowdown on payouts and RTPs offered by the First Card side bet:

  • Andar – 15:1 (94.12%)
  • Bahar – 15.5:1 (94.18%)

Payouts and RTPs offered by the Number of Cards side bet:

  • 1-5 – 2.5:1 (94.87%)
  • 6-10 – 3.5:1 (97.67%)
  • 11-15 – 4.5:1 (92.97%)
  • 16-25 – 3.5:1 (98.10%)
  • 26-30 – 14.5:1 (94.53%)
  • 31-35 – 24.5:1 (94.29%)
  • 35-40 – 49:1 (94.84%)
  • 41 and over – 19:1 (95.08%)

Last but not least are payouts and RTPs offered by the First 3 side bet:

  • Straight Flush – 120:1 (96.76%)
  • Straight – 8:1 (96.76%)
  • Flush – 5:1 (96.76%)

It’s not easy to keep track of all these odds, but it’s worth it as Andar Bahar is a game with excellent side bets. Take the First 3 side bet, whose RTP is just slightly below the main wager. Other side bets can also be very appealing, especially as some betting options are much better than the game’s main bets.

Thanks to its selection of betting options and excellent payout percentages, Pragmatic Play has delivered one of the best Andar Bahar games available in the market right now. In addition to the game mechanics, the new release boasts high-quality streaming that promises an immersive playing experience. We’re glad to see the popularity of this simple card game is on the rise, and since more and more live casino players are enjoying it, we’re likely to see more innovation in the future. To read more about live dealer games, visit today.

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