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While top online casinos treat all their players equally, they still take special care of high rollers or big spenders. Giving rewards and incentives to those who invest large amounts of cash is by no means a new thing. High-roller activities make most of the money for the casino, so it is no wonder casinos pamper their most generous customers.

Various bonuses, rewards and benefits come their way due to being the online casino’s lifeblood. High rollers and risk-takers can afford to make massive deposits and spend hefty amounts. Such users are actively encouraged to keep playing through the series of rewards and benefits. Additionally, the term high roller can be slightly confusing, for in poker, it is related to tournaments.

The second definition refers to a bonus in the context of online casinos, which interests us all here. A high roller bonus is given exclusively to someone who can handle VIP status. Of course, there are things to be careful about, like wagering requirements. Read the article to learn more about high-roller bonuses and what they can bring to the table.

Wagering Substantial Amounts

High roller bonuses are tailor-made for big spenders who lay big wagers and leave substantial amounts to the casino. High roller bonuses exist at land-based venues, too, but they have become even more popular in the iGaming industry. However, it all calls for some questions, and this guide will try to answer them.

One dilemma is how operators determine which player qualifies as a high roller. Multiple casinos employ loyalty programs that assess a certain player’s wagering patterns, especially the sizes and frequency. These programs typically contain 3 to 5 tiers, with players accumulating points and ascending them to become casino whales.

The approach that involves loyalty programs is the most straightforward way to determine someone’s playing status. However, some casinos do not have such programs, which does not mean that high rollers should not register there. Casinos monitor the patron’s activity anyway, notifying him, usually via email, that he is eligible for various attractive offers.

The Differences Between Regular and High Roller Bonuses

Understanding the differences between standard and VIP bonuses is crucial to optimizing your playing experience. The following sections elaborate on these differences and explain the criteria.

Online Casino bonus offers
High rollers can expect special offers when it comes to online casino promotions.

Target Audience & Eligibility

High roller bonuses are for players who wager considerable amounts of money, catering to high-stake gamblers. The casino industry labels them whales, and they bring the most profit to the houses. On the other hand, standard bonuses tend to be more inclusive, aiming at a broader customer base. They can include even the most casual gamers who do not take any risks.


High roller bonuses are designed to reward players for their large betting volumes and lucrative deposits. Hence, they are always significantly larger, while regular bonuses have smaller amounts. They are meant for a range of players with great budget differences.

Playthrough Requirements

Standard bonuses usually have higher wagering requirements, which are often a challenge for many players to meet. Withdrawing your winnings then becomes a difficult assignment. As for high roller bonuses, they have lower requirements, which makes withdrawals much easier for whales.

Cashout Limits

Standard bonuses have more restrictive withdrawal policies regarding cashout caps, often limiting the amount you can withdraw. Conversely, high-roller bonuses have excellent cashout limits. They allow VIP players to withdraw substantial amounts when they win, truly enjoying all high-roller privileges. This one is essential, for you can take home most of what you win.


Standard casino bonuses are readily available to all players, both new and existing, and they also apply to welcome offers. High roller bonuses, however, are not a part of the standard welcome package, but players unlock them over time. When they show high-rolling activity and capacities, the bonuses come to them.

Still, some online casinos have special high-roller bonuses available immediately. They can be welcome bonuses or regular reload bonus deals.

Bonus Types

High roller bonuses might appear in numerous forms, including deposit, reload and cashback bonuses, as well as VIP rewards. The deposit bonuses are the most common form, offering a percentage match on your first deposit. If you deposited $5,000, you would get the same amount if it is a 100% deposit match.

Reload bonuses function in a similar fashion, but they are offered to existing players instead of new ones. The amounts are usually smaller than in deposit bonuses, but they can still be significant, especially to high rollers. Old players also need rewards and validation, and reload bonuses are an excellent way to do it.

Cashback bonuses provide you with a portion of your losses in bonus money. A 20% cashback would bring you $20 for every $100 you lose. The so-called VIP rewards are another bonus variant, and they include a variety of benefits to appreciate players’ loyalty. Some of them are exclusive bonuses, higher limits and faster customer support.

Other High Roller Bonuses at Online Casinos

They might include a certain number of free spins on a slot game, which is higher than a regular amount. No-deposit bonuses are much larger for VIP players, too. Whales can also participate in VIP programs, for which they are usually called automatically.

Casinos often assign players a personal account manager to help them verify their accounts, claim bonuses, and everything else. Finally, high rollers can claim their payouts much faster than regular players. It is crucial to note that your ideal casino depends on your preferences, but there are criteria to recognize a good one.

A good offer will have some of the abovementioned characteristics, like a substantial number of playing credits. Low wagering requirements and high cashout limits are also a must when you determine your favorite casino. It might be hard to find all at once, but players who make substantial bets deserve good conditions. Stay with OnlineGambling24 to find out about the best deals offered by casinos.

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