How to Find and Check Online Slots RTP?

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  • Posted on April 5, 2021
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The term Return to Player (RTP) is often used in online gambling, but many new players are not familiar with it. It’s an essential factor when playing online slots and can directly impact your gaming experience and the frequency of winning. Although an RTP won’t tell whether you’ll win or not, it’s still crucial for your gaming pleasure.

Today, we’ll be talking about RTP percentage and try to explain how to check the RTP of an online slot game. Understanding how it works can be helpful for all slot players who wish to make the most out of their playing session, get a better payout, and get more for their money.

In most cases, not even experienced players won’t look out for the RTP, but as you’ll see in this article, it’s good to check it before enjoying a slot game online.

What Is RTP and How Does It Work?

RTP represents the likely payout you’ll receive for every $1 you bet, the return you can expect to get on average when playing an online slot.

Usually, the RTP of a slot ranges from 93% to 97%, meaning if you wager $1, you’ll get between $0.93 and $0.97 back. However, you should take into consideration that not every wager will be a winning one. At the same time, some bets may result in staggering payouts.

The RTP is never 100%, as online casinos take a small portion of every bet you place. That portion is known as the House Edge. Again, that doesn’t mean the casino will always win, and there’s always the chance to scoop a massive six or seven-figure jackpot.

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The RTP uses a random number generator, which is an algorithm that creates a kind of pattern. This pattern then produces a row of matching symbols on a payline, leading to a win. Bonuses you encounter in an online slot, such as Wilds, Scatters, and free spins, are also built-in into the game’s RTP.

Where to Find RTP Information?

Finding information about RTP is easy. All online slots come with a paytable, which can be accessed using a button on the interface. Game developers use different designs for this button, but it’s always located somewhere on the interface.

Once you enter the paytable section, you’ll find game rules, information about symbols, payouts, paylines, and bonuses, as well as other stuff associated with playing.

However, some slot games do not display their RTP. In that case, you can visit the developer’s website and try to find the desired information there. Be aware that in some instances, the RTP info provided by the developer will differ from the value shown in the game’s paytable.

Some online casinos offer their players to download detailed information about a game, usually as a PDF file, or check out the list of theoretical RTP values of all the available games.

Finding out the RTP of a slot game you want to play can be very useful during your gaming experience. It will let you know what kind of adventure you should expect, and more importantly, what kind of payback you can look forward to. However, you should keep in mind that this specification only tells you what may happen over a number of spins you definitely can’t afford to sit and play. In the short term, everything is possible, which doesn’t mean you don’t have to check a title’s RTP before hitting the spin button. It will give you an idea about the chances you have, but won’t guarantee a prize. That’s something Lady Luck will decide.

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