Money Train – Possibly the Best iGaming Franchise of All Time

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  • Posted on October 11, 2023
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Numerous slot franchises have shaped the iGaming industry over the recent years. With the development of cutting-edge technology, features and mechanisms have become more complex, allowing players to hope for bigger wins. Many providers have created their most successful games, later developing multiple sequels due to their popularity.

Many franchises have turned into their developers’ respective trademarks, thus becoming their most recognisable brands. There have been many discussions on the best iGaming series of all time, and many of them could make a compelling case. However, Relax Gaming has created a universally beloved series that all slot enthusiasts admire.

In September 2023, the provider unveiled the fourth part of the famed franchise, marking the end. Since the first game chugged its way into town in 2019, it would change iGaming history. Read the article to find out everything relevant about the Money Train franchise.

An Unmissable Train

The Money Train franchise has everything a slot enthusiast admires – a fantastic audio-visual presentation, thrilling features and huge payouts. All the elements have been mixed expertly to create unforgettable games. Players are instantly put in the middle of the action, and the excitement never stops.

You will need to hold tight and be prepared to go off the rails if you want to ride on the crazy train. Relax Gaming does not justify its name this time, for you cannot relax even for a minute. Money Train provides a journey you will remember for a long time. Every player will be attracted to the games that do not necessarily make you spend a lot but can pay you handsomely.

The franchise’s cinematic experience is virtually unmatched, and you will feel you are in a Western film. The team made great efforts to create such a memorable franchise, and it will be a difficult job to make a better one. The following sections will tell you something more about each game.

Money Train

As soon as it hit the market, it was clear Money Train was a Western slot never seen before. The unusual and ferociously volatile game provides numerous exciting moments and sessions, delivering the feeling you have been waiting for. With an RTP of 96.2%, the game slightly surpasses the industry standard.

The action takes place on a 5×4 grid with 40 paylines, and you can turn the machine on for only £0.1. Moreover, the highest potential wager is £50, which means you can hope for £1m. It is an amount everyone will be attracted to and for a good reason. It has only one bonus round, but what a round it is.

Money Cart bonus round in Money Train
The first installment of the Money Train franchise features an exciting Money Cart Bonus Round

The unique Money Cart Bonus Round is activated when you land three Scatters on the odd-numbered reels. You will begin with 3 spins; each time you land a new icon, the spin tally will reset. Each of the seven symbols has its own behaviour, with only a Tumbleweed behaving like a blank icon.

Money Train 2

Money Train 2 is a praiseworthy follow-up, sporting an imaginative design and even more inventive features. This time, a dangerous train offers the maximum bet of £20, but the maximum amount is the same. The respin feature appears for the first time, and the bonus round contains new symbols.

The action occurs on a 5×4 grid across 40 fixed paylines, and it is a highly volatile game with plenty of chills and thrills. Rare but substantial wins will come, with patient and fortunate players grabbing hefty payouts. You are bound to have streaks of dead spins with a hit rate of 19.55%, but the game is fantastic all the same. You will remain on the edge of your seat for a long time.

The Respins feature is activated when two Scatters hit the reels, each revealing a multiplier. The bonus round is magnificently amplified with Snipers, Collectors and Necromancers. Numerous winning opportunities await, while the pace never slows down, providing an experience you will never forget.

Money Train 3

Many people ask themselves how it is possible to make a better sequel each time, but Relax Gaming has done it. The previous instalment was perfect, but the third part improves the game even more. It is a highly volatile slot with a slightly lower hit rate and a maximum win of 100,000x the stake.

The grid looks the same, and the highest wager is only £10, but the visuals are even more impressive. Everything revolves around the bonus round, with 12 special symbols carrying various multipliers and awards. If you thought Money Train 2 was insane with the winning opportunities it offers, check out the third part.

The new tricks include the Persistent Shapeshifter, the Absorber and the Tommy Gun, each with its own properties. Being on this train is an out-of-this-world experience that is not for everyone. However, if you board, you will enjoy yourself like never before with all the old and new perks and assets.

Money Train 4

Relax Gaming decided to call it a day with a fantastic fourth part that provides almost a game/film crossover. The last outing offers ridiculously entertaining features with nuclear-level wins to spice it all up. It all happens on a 6×6 grid using a Scatter Pays mechanism, with a slightly better hit rate of 20.14%.

The highest bet amounts to £6 this time, but the win potential is 150,000x the stake. It is a highly volatile slot that provides thrilling wins, utilising the Respins feature and the bonus round with more symbols than ever. A ride like never before awaits in the latest sequel.

All your favourite bonus symbols are here, and you can expect a tremendously entertaining ride. Money Train is deservedly called one of the most successful franchises in history, and it has four games to prove it. The combination of impressive visuals, phenomenal features and astronomic payouts is among the greatest in the industry. Stay with OnlineGambling24 to hear all the news from Relax Gaming.

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