Online Punto Banco Baccarat: Rules & Strategies Explained

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Punto Banco is a baccarat variant originally developed in Argentinian casinos, which arrived in the United States back in the 1950s. Since then, it has succeeded in changing the gambling world, becoming popular in gambling venues across all continents.

With the development of the internet, Punto Banco got its online version. Today, baccarat games online are known as Punto Banco and use the version’s very simple rules. In this article, we will discuss Punto Banco’s rules and talk about strategies you can use while playing the game.

Game Rules of Punto Banco

Online Punto Banco is played with a shoe consisting of six or eight decks. There’s no real dealer, only the virtual one. After placing your bets, you’re automatically going to receive your cards.

Punto Banco involves simple arithmetic, so it’s essential to get familiar with the card values before actually playing the game:

  • 10s and Royals carry a value of zero.
  • Cards 2-9 have their face value.
  • An Ace has a value of one.
  • If two cards provide a double-digit score, the last digit determines the value.
Punto Banco baccarat online
If you are in lead, that’s the best time to quit the game.

Player or Banker?

Punto Banco comes with two main bets, Player or Banker. The third one, known as the tie bet, rarely occurs. You’ll wager on whether the player or the banker will win the round, placing any amount of money stipulated at the table.

After you finish with betting, both the player and the banker will receive two hands each. The goal of the game is to get as close to nine. Getting an eight or nine is called a natural, and if anyone is dealt this, the hand will immediately end.

The player will be dealt another card if his hand is five or less. The same goes for the banker.

A maximum of three cards can be dealt. If the player takes a third card, the banker can choose to do the same thing.

Once all cards are dealt, the score will be compared, and all wagers made on the winning hand will be paid out. If the game is a tie, and you bet on such an outcome, then you’ll win 8:1.

Here you can play Punto Banco baccarat online

Finding the Best Bet

Punto Banco comes with a broad selection of side-bets, but it’s probably best to play it safe by choosing one of the two main bets. You should avoid the tie bet, as the chances of winning it are very slim.

The safest option is to bet on Banker since this bet has a house edge of 1.06%. Player comes with a 1.24% house edge, while the tie bet has a house edge of 14%.

As we’ve mentioned, there’s a broad selection of side-bets you can make. Some of them are very risky but can result in staggering winnings.

Here’s a list of side-bets you can combine with your main bets:

    • Pairs: As the name suggests, you bet whether the player or the banker will have a pair in their hand, no matter the pair’s value.
    • Small/Big: Guess the total number of cards used in a hand. The small bet includes four cards to be dealt between the player and the banker. The big bet refers to five or six cards.
    • Dragon Bonus: Wager on whose hand will be higher.
    • Sum Bonus: If the value of the player’s and the banker’s cards are less than five or more than fourteen, you’ll win.
    • Tie Bonus: You win if the hand ends in a tie or there’s a one point difference between the player or the banker.
    • Egalité Bonus: This side-bet can only be made with a tie bet. The goal is to predict the exact number of cards used in a hand. It’s also the highest-paying bet in Punto Banco, awarding a payout of 220:1.

Punto Banco Strategy

You can use some strategies to lower the house edge and make the most out of Punto Banco.

We’ve already explained the house edge offered by the three main bets. You should stay away from the tie bet and instead focus on Player or Banker. They both offer a small house edge, although Banker is the safest bet.

Some players have a problem with placing bets on the banker. Blackjack players often have the feeling they are betting against themselves, as they are used to giving their best to beat the banker.

If you try to find a good Punto Banco strategy, you will often encounter the 1-3-2-6 system. This is a good system for roulette and sic bo, but it doesn’t go well with Punto Banco. This is because it comes with a 5% commission on the banker bet, meaning the system only applies to the player bet. Since the player bet has a higher house edge, your chances of winning are smaller.

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The golden rule of the game is to quit while you’re in the lead. That way, you’ll avoid chasing your losses. Always set your limits before playing the game to ensure it stays an entertaining and enjoyable experience.

No matter what game you play, it’s important to understand the rules before wagering real money. There are online casinos where you can play Punto Banco for free, which is an excellent way to familiarise yourself with the game. You can see how bets work, experiment with side-bets and check out any of the available strategies. In the end, Punto Banco is based on the pure luck of the drawer, with no sure way of predetermining the winner of a hand. For more articles like this, visit

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