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Although the term is self-explanatory, bank transfers can be found under the name of bank wire, wire transfer, direct bank transfer, fast bank transfer or ACH in online casinos, and they are all unified under the umbrella term bank transfer.

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These Casinos Allow Bank Transfers

Banks transfers are still the No. 1 option for depositing and withdrawing money around the world, even in a time when revolutionary online payment methods work faster and better.

Bank transfers have been a staple for payments and are used for any kind of transaction (online or offline). The obvious advantage of using bank transfers over PayPal or similar payment methods is that banks are the safest place for your money and they are run by professionals who know how to do their job.

With that being said, no one takes into account the hidden and not-so-hidden transaction fees which make banks grow at an astounding rate – this is something modern online payment methods are looking to eliminate.

The biggest problem with bank transfers is that they’re pretty slow compared to other payment methods. You can deposit money into an online casino instantly with PayPayl or Trustly, but no such luck with wire transfers. Withdrawing is even worse as bank transfers can take up to days or weeks instead of the hours or a couple of days modern payment methods need.

How Can You Deposit Via Bank Transfer?

The process of depositing money to online gambling sites using a bank transfer is pretty straightforward if you don’t mind waiting in line for some time. The first thing you need to do is get the casino’s bank details – they should be available at the website, but you may also need to ask for them via live chat.

Once you have all the information, go to your bank and ask for a wire transfer to the online casino. Make sure all the details about the online casino including the SWIFT number and bank name are correct or the deposit won’t go through.

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Once you’re done, read the casino’s Terms and Conditions to see how much it will take before you can finally play your favorite games with real money. Be aware that the process may take days.

How Can You Withdraw Via Bank Transfer?

Thankfully, withdrawals via bank transfers are much simpler than taking a trip to your bank and depositing money to the casino. You just need to know your bank account and SWIFT number, which should be somewhere on the contract you signed with the bank or in some cases on their website. European residents may need an IBAN number, which should be easy to find. If you have no clue about any of this, contact the bank.

Once you have all the details you need, choose bank transfer at the withdrawal page, fill out the details, and confirm the withdrawal. Now for some bad news – bank transfers are usually the slowest withdrawal method in online casinos, so it may take a while before you see the money in your account. If we’re being honest, a week or two will pass.

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As we already mentioned, the transaction times for bank transfers are not attractive at all. Up to the point that we don’t really see any reason why someone would use this kind of transfer rather than an online payment method. The withdrawals are faster, the deposits are instant, and there are no hidden fees, which is something we can’t say about banks.

Still, if you’re concerned about the safety, banks are your best bet. You can easily follow where the money goes and make sure it arrived at the ‘designated point’. Due to this, decades may still pass until people trust online payment methods over banks.

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