What is nowadays a range of plastic debit, credit and prepaid card services, as well as online processors, was once a much more limited selection of options.

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Back in those days, the credit card company MasterCard was one of the most renowned processors in the industry. Maestro came about as its subsidiary sometime in the 1990s, in charge of the debit card payments segment.

Since then, it has served as an optimal way for people to connect their bank accounts with a plastic card issued from a number of financial institutions, giving them instant access to their stored funds.

Nowadays, Maestro debit cards are used for more than just cashouts from ATMs and payments at POS terminals. E-commerce of all kinds, and online gambling platforms in particular, has given rise to a whole new use of this standard payment solution under contemporary circumstances.

How to Deposit Using Maestro?

Transactions at online casinos and other interactive gambling platforms are easily performed with the Maestro debit card. After all, hardly anyone who holds a bank account doesn’t have a debit card linked to it for easier access to cash. And with Maestro being one of the most widespread brands thanks to its parent company, MasterCard, there is hardly anyone who isn’t eligible for the service.

For those that are looking to make online casino deposits with their card, the process is simple and easy to follow. It is more or less the same with any online purchase and payment method, since you are practically transferring funds from your balance to the merchant’s. However, first thing to do is to find a suitable casino that accepts this banking method. Considering its widespread character and long-lasting presence in the industry, the selection is plentiful as it is.

Maestro, One of The Most Used Payment Methods
Maestro, One of The Most Used Payment Methods
Once you’re at the site and have registered for a casino player account, all you have to do is head to the ‘Banking’ page and choose to deposit. Next, select Maestro from the range of deposit options, possibly classified under credit and debit cards. This will pop open a new window where players need to fill in their details in order to set up the transfer. Most of the time, sites ask for the card number, name and surname, as well as the CVV2 security code at the back of your card. Other times, you may additionally be required to input your billing address and the card expiration date, the former most likely required for first-time depositors at the specific casino site.

Most of the online casino deposits nowadays are processed instantly, so you should expect to see your player account funded in no time. Just remember to specify the right amount you would like to have transferred to the casino player wallet and you can get started with the real-money online gambling experience.

How to Withdraw from Online Casinos?

Cashing out of online casinos using Maestro is done more or less the same way as deposits. Players head to the ‘Banking’ page once again, choose Maestro and input the necessary information. This once again consists of the card details, as well as the amount you are looking to cash out of your casino player account.

Bear in mind that due to security protocols mentioned below, the withdrawal wait time may take a bit longer, up to a few business days. This depends on a number of factors, including your choice of currency, card issuer, place of residence, legal regulative and more.

Maestro Facts

Payment type Debit Card
Country Worldwide
Lauched 1990
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Maestro boasts a reputation of one of the most reliable payment processors internationally. Being supported by a giant in the industry such as MasterCard, and having a lengthy presence in the industry has also worked to that effect.

Furthermore, the company uses all kinds of security measures to prevent abuse of funds and information. The cards are protected by a 4-digit PIN, and each of the transactions is performed in a highly encrypted environment matching bank standards, which gives players an even greater sense of security. On the whole, these debit cards enjoy reputability as their credit card counterparts, with the added fact that they only allow transactions with money you hold, pushing the risk of running into debt to the minimum.

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