As a well-reputed payment method, Skrill is one of the most used e-wallets in the gaming industry. Formerly, they were known as Moneybookers, established in the UK in 2001, and provided convenient online payment services.

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The safety and security are their strongest suit and that’s why this is today one of the most preferred payment methods in online casinos.

Although Skrill started providing services only in Europe, it managed to gain popularity in the US online casinos, and today it can be used in all states that made online gambling legal.

Creating an account is easy

The good thing about this e-wallet in comparison to others is the possibility to store money directly in your account, besides the other possibility to store your bank card details on your account. Having all your funds in one place makes the gambling experience effortless and problem-less.

How Do You Deposit Via Skrill?

Go to the official website, select the ‘Open a free account’ and proceed to sign up. If you want to connect your bank account, you’ll be required to add the necessary bank details. Afterward, you will receive an email in order to confirm your registration and provide Skrill with your name, surname, date of birth etc.

To deposit, you should go to your online casino of choice and select the ‘e-wallets’ payment option. Usually, the three most popular e-wallets pop-up: Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal. As soon as you select Skrill, it will ask you to enter your email address and password. And finally, insert the amount of deposit you wish to use, as well as the currency.

You will then be redirected to the website to confirm your deposit. The minute you do that, your deposit will be transferred and available in your casino account.

How Do You Withdraw Via Skrill?

Go to the payments page, select the Skrill e-wallet, and enter the necessary details and the amount you want to withdraw.

With this payment method, withdrawals are made almost instantly. There’s nothing left to do than wait to see your winnings on your Skrill account.

Safety and Security

They use cutting-edge encryption technology to ensure maximum security. Also, it is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority, the one that regulates thousands of financial firms in the UK. On top of that, Skrill uses their own 2-factor authentication to protect players’ details and is regulated by the Gaming Authority.

In short, the security is top-notch and all your personal and bank details are highly protected from fraudulent actions. Skirll ensures clients’ safety & security and puts a lot of effort into accomplishing that.

Casinos offering Skrill

What’s the Tranfer Time?

Once the transactions are approved by both Skrill and your online casino, your deposits will appear on your online casino account in mere minutes, a few hours top. Withdrawals, compared to other payment methods, are the quickest as well. They appear on your bank account or Skrill account in a few hours, or 1 day top.

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