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As a subsidiary of the company based out in Russia, it initially focused on the national market and facilitated payments for charitable donations, bills, loans, money transfers and the likes.

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Since then, it has spread out and nowadays services residents of several surrounding countries as well, offering them an e-wallet ‘purse’ solution with a range of features.

Due to market territory expansion, WebMoney has additionally entered a range of new industries. Nowadays, it is a widely popular payment method at many online gambling sites, online casinos in particular. Nevertheless, in order for players to make the most of their experience using this payment method, it helps to know the basics of it.

How to Deposit with WebMoney?

Before making a deposit, you will need to create an account at the WebMoney e-wallet ‘purse’ service. Registration is simple and will only require some basic information – email, phone number, name and address, as well as a password that you get to choose yourself. Afterwards, each time you log in, the service additionally provides a one-time-use 12-digit WM Identification number. This code is received via email or SMS, meaning that without access to your private emails or texts, other individuals couldn’t access your WebMoney e-wallet account either.

When you have set up the account, make sure to fund it with any of the banking methods. You can hold different currency accounts depending on your needs, and store funds accordingly. Afterwards, simply head over to the WebMoney online casino of your choice and select WebMoney from the list of deposit banking options.

WebMoney is Very Popular in Russia
WebMoney is Very Popular in Russia
It could be listed under e-wallets, or as a separate category. Regardless of that, all you will need to do is select it, specify the amount, and log into the e-wallet using your own credentials to confirm the transaction. The funds are transferred straight into your online casino player account within seconds, and players can enjoy real money slots, blackjack, roulette and other casino games at their platform.

How to Withdraw with WebMoney?

Options for WebMoney withdrawals may be a bit scarcer, since online casinos often ask players to choose an alternative banking method for cashout. However, if it is available, the service provides this transaction without much added hassle. In fact, the process is more or less the same – select it as your chosen method, enter the amount you wish to cashout and confirm the transaction from your e-wallet ‘purse’ account.

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Safety & Security

Security of user information and funds is of pivotal importance for this banking service, and the respective procedures to ensure safety prove it. This is all the more crucial for online casino players, looking to make the most of their hard-earned cash. Therefore, it helps to be aware of the different kinds of options at disposal, starting from the basic Alias WM-password, as well as the Formal option, all the way to the Initial and Personal WM-Password options. The first of these has the primary level of security, with nothing but the password of your choice, while the latter additionally requires identity verification. The latter two accounts come with fee charges, but in exchange offer a highly dedicated protection service, higher transaction limits and further functionalities.

Other security measures have also been implemented by the service, including the SSL certificates and advanced encryption technology. The company additionally aims to remain compliant to industry standards at bank institution ranks, so eligible users will be able to enjoy a top notch secure and reliable banking experience.

On top of all this, it is also worth mentioning that the WebMoney e-wallet ‘purse’ service also comes with the option to link the account with your plastic cards. In other words, the company has built affiliations and partnerships with these two credit and debit card processing giants, which adds further weight to their credibility. As a result, players and other users who hold funds in their e-wallet ‘purses’ will be able to link their regular existing plastic MasterCard and Visa cards and get the funds there. Not only is it convenient, but also safe, since you are constantly dealing with the same reputable, familiar and proven fair and secure services.

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