It is particularly recognized on Russian territory, since this and several surrounding countries are its primary target markets.

What started off as a search engine a few decades back is nowadays available across all these territories as a conglomerate of services for online users in general.

Yandex.Money is one of the products that has been released as a joint venture of the search engine brand and the bank Sberbank, which holds 75% ownership. Subsequently, the two have also cooperated and released a Yandex.Checkout solution that is intended to fit businesses even more than the e-wallet option, and has since found application across a range of e-merchants and online retailers.

When it comes to online gambling platforms, casinos in particular, both of these products are largely available across sites catering to the specific player pool. Nevertheless, in terms of a dedicated payment solution, the Yandex.Money e-wallet definitely takes precedence over the payment gateway of the same brand.

Yandex.Money is Now a EcoPayz Payment Method
Yandex.Money is Now a EcoPayz Payment Method

Register with Yandex

The best part about the different products of the brand is that once you have signed up for one, you gain access to all its services using the same credentials. Any regular user will be able to open an e-wallet Yandex account by simply entering their existing username and password. What is more, if you decide to go with the Yandex.Checkout option instead when processing your payments, all you need to do is provide an eligible MasterCard, Maestro or Visa credit/debit card to settle the transaction charges.

If you are a novice, on the other hand, the best thing to do is to access the official Yandex website and register for an account. In this regard, it is important to bear in mind that potential users can make use of three different types of accounts, depending on the amount of information they are ready to share with the service.

All newly registered users start off at the anonymous status, which offers them the basic capabilities. Transaction amount limits are fairly low – 15,000 Rubles per payment, 5,000 Rubles per withdrawal, and 15,000 Rubles maximum balance, more precisely. However, on account of this, users do not share any personal information with the service. Those willing to provide the necessary documentation (government-issued passport) will move to the status of identified user.

These get higher limits – 250,000 Rubles per transaction, 100,000 per withdrawal and up to 500,000 Rubles e-wallet balance. These and the third ones additionally get the functionality of cashing out funds to traditional banking methods – cards, money transfer services, bank accounts, ATMs and more.
Speaking of it, the third account status is reviewed – solely available to Russia residents, and packed with even more accessible and beneficial limits and features.

Yandex Facts

CEOArkadi Volozj
CountryRussia/The Netherlands

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How to Deposit with Yandex?

Considering you have opened your preferred e-wallet Yandex account and funded it accordingly, you can deposit your online casino bankroll at any casino that partners with the service. It is a widely popular banking method in the market, so players won’t look far before finding a suitable casino to register, pay and play with Yandex.

Simply head to the Cashier/Banking page, choose this payment method, and follow the instructions depending on whether it is the e-wallet or the checkout payment gateway option. Either way, you specify the amount of the funds yourself, confirm it and get a confirmation SMS straight to your linked phone number, just to verify the payer’s identity.

How to Withdraw with Yandex?

Yandex withdrawals are less common, even at online casinos where the service enjoys great popularity. If you do manage to stumble upon a site that accepts this method for cashout purposes, simply repeat the above-illustrated procedure in the opposite direction, and you should have the funds in your Yandex e-wallet as soon as the casino approves that you are clear for withdrawal.

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The three separate account types show that the service is dedicated to providing high levels of security, but still keeping players’ wishes in mind. After all, if individuals are not willing to share specific information, they will still be able to enjoy the Yandex services to a certain extent. The SMS ID verification acts as a kind of dual factor authentication, and further contributes to the reliability of the service.

And with the partnership with Sberbank, and affiliation with major payment card companies MasterCard and Visa, security is an affirmed priority at Yandex.

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