Playson Gives Fruit Slots New Life in Juice Inc.

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  • Posted on July 12, 2022
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There’s plenty to say about the state of modern slots. On one hand, these games bring us fresh ideas that come from experimentation and pushing the creative boundaries set by old-school games. On the other hand, these slots tend to go a bit too far, using weird themes and gameplay mechanics that don’t appeal to most players. It’s hard to find the perfect balance between the excitement of modern slots and the magic of old-school ones, but it seems Playson’s managed to do so just fine! The popular iGaming supplier promises a fun adventure in its newest release – Juice Inc.

Premise and Design

When we say that Playson has combined modern and old-school slots into a fun game that everyone can get behind, we mean it. The iGaming supplier has put tons of effort into its newest release, taking the time to see what works and translate it into something magical. Juice Inc. features a modern take on an online gambling theme we all know and love – the fruit theme! This is easily one of the most popular old-school slot themes available, but it’s not presented as it was back in the day. In Juice Inc., there’s a purpose to the fruits on the reels.

The premise of the game is simple. Match the same fruits and crush them to create delicious and refreshing juice. Players will find themselves in a juice factory where they must work hard and fill up the bottles as much as possible. Naturally, the game symbols include classic fruits like apples, lemons, and cherries. These are displayed on a factory background, and they’re much different than what you’d see in old-school games. The graphics used in Juice Inc. are sleek and modern, so you can expect updated animations and fun designs to pop up during gameplay.In-game footage of Juice Inc. featuring fruit symbols being crushed and made into juice

Modern Gameplay

The game’s premise isn’t the only thing that gives it that modern twist we can’t get enough of. The gameplay of Juice Inc. is different from anything on the market. The 1×3 slot features a single payline with four main symbols. On top of the three fruits previously mentioned in the design section, you’ll also run into an X symbol. As you match winning combos, you’ll fill up the juice bottles located above the reel. The lemon bottle starts with x3, Apple with x8, and Cherry with x1 wins. The top prize for each bottle is x100, x300, and x32, respectively.

Filling out a bottle will snag you its top prize, but if you feel satisfied with what you have, you can cash in early and collect your winnings at any time. If you have luck superpowers and manage to fill up all three bottles simultaneously, you can snag an incredible prize of x1000 your bet from Playson! While this all sounds great, players should be mindful of the X Symbols. If you land three of these, all of the bottles will empty.

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It’s safe to say that Playson gives slot fans the best of both worlds with its modern take on an old-school classic – Juice Inc. The game is the perfect introduction to the world of slots, and while it uses pretty simple gameplay mechanics, they’re incredibly fun and innovative! If you’re looking for something fun and fresh to try this summer, this title is an excellent choice.

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