The Guide to Playing Gonzo’s Treasure Map

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  • Posted on October 6, 2023
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NetEnt has already achieved tremendous success with the Gonzo game franchise. It is universally beloved among fans, continuing to attract new people on a daily basis. The search for El Dorado has never been more exciting than in this game series, and players eagerly await the new adventures. Now, the provider has prepared something completely different.

Gonzo’s Quest and its sequels have conquered the market by storm, and many asked themselves what was next. Gonzo’s Treasure Map is a live game show from Evolution with amazing graphics and story. The stunning world of ancient Incas provides a beautiful background for the game that promises exciting sessions for a long time.

The game’s main attraction is a vast treasure map containing 70 squares on a wall. Players explore it to unveil many of Gonzo’s treasures by placing wagers on one or more squares. One thing is certain: the rounds will be thrilling. Read the article to know more about what Gonzo’s Treasure Map has to offer.

Gold Rush

The stone containing a Gonzo key will take you to the bonus round, where a falling block awards a guaranteed multiplier. Moreover, if the block lands on a Double, the multipliers are doubled, which enables you to amplify your winnings. Gonzo teams up with live hosts to search for hidden treasures in this game.

Gonzo’s Treasure Map provides an enormously entertaining gaming experience that can deliver handsome payouts. It has numerous appealing ingredients that will attract a broad range of treasure hunters. Do not be discouraged by the optimal RTP of 95.26%, as it is an expected value for such a show.

The game is highly volatile, indicating substantial but infrequent wins. The 70 squares are betting positions. You are in for a lot of surprises, especially in the bonus round, where big wins are delivered. If one or more blocks land on a square with your wager, you will get an amount of at least 10x the stake.

The bonus wall has values and multipliers doubling the values if landed on. The bonus round has Red Jewel dropped, and everyone is given the amount visible when it lands. Multipliers can also boost values on the wall and enhance payouts. The game somewhat resembles roulette but with 70 positions instead of 37. However, the RTP value and payouts are different.

Gonzo's Treasure Map Live by Evolution
Step into the Gonzo’s Treasure Map Live studio, adventure awaits!

How to Play

The main goal is to predict where the Multiplier and Gold blocks will fall and use Gonzo keys to uncover stones. Start by putting your wagers on one or more squares on the map. The wall will dissolve when the betting time passes, exposing the key stones. They have the potential of taking you to the bonus round.

Prize Drop

In an exciting turn of events, 5 random blocks will fall onto the wall when the top slot moves. The blocks can come in two types, including Gold and Multiplier blocks. They offer 10x and 20x the stake, respectively. The game will end if you do not grab multipliers or go to the bonus round.

Bonus Round

At the beginning of the bonus round, Gonzo rotates the wall only to discover another wall with 70 squares and multipliers. The multipliers are random, from 25x – 100x to 150x – 500x, or a doubled value. Higher multipliers will turn up less often, but when they do, they deliver fantastic entertainment.

A Ruby block moves, stopping at a random column and dropping onto the stone within it. The block can land on a multiplayer, applying it and ending the game. The Double tile grants double values, and the multipliers can double many times.

The payouts for the Gold and Multiplier block amount to 9:1 for Gold and 19:1 for Multiplier. Finally, the maximum payout for Gonzo’s Treasure Map is £500,000, which can provide some beautiful rounds. High rollers and penny-pinchers alike can enjoy this game.

Evolution has hit the jackpot again, for it will delight the market once more, creating a gloriously entertaining game. Offering something different while remaining faithful to the original spirit is a success, and that is what happened with this Treasure Map. Even if you miss landing £500,000, you will enjoy your visit. Stay with OnlineGambling24 to stay alert regarding new game shows.

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