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The Lowdown on No Commission Baccarat

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  • Written by Anette
  • Posted on July 22, 2020
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Baccarat is a very popular game, loved by many punters around the world. Boasting a simple, yet exciting gameplay, it also comes with an excellent Return to Player (RTP). These factors helped baccarat cement its position in the world of online gambling.

Despite its popularity, the game itself is not flawless. An aspect of the game that bothers players the most is a fee for all banker bet wins, set at 5%. Listening to players, Evolution Gaming was quick to offer a new variant of the game, called No Commission Baccarat.

Evolution Gaming did a good job to please all those players frustrated with the commission. The new version added the Super 6 side bet and a number of other wagers, offering payouts much higher than the original.

The Core Has Stayed the Same

When compared to the standard game, No Commission Baccarat offers the same core gameplay loop. Players will be able to choose whose hand will win, or if there will be a tie. After the bet placement process is complete, the dealer will draw two cards, or three if necessary. Getting eight or nine will produce a natural win, but otherwise, the winner of the round will be the side with a stronger hand.

Here we have the first major difference between these two variants. In the standard baccarat game, a 5% commission is applied to all banker bet wins. In No Commission Baccarat, as its name suggests, banker bets will be paid out in full, for all numbers excluding six. In that case, you will get a 0.5:1 win, instead of the standard 1:1 one.

Here you can play No Commission Baccarat

Another important addition to No Commission Baccarat is the new Super 6 side bet. To claim this wager, the banker’s hand needs to win with a six. In that case, Super 6 will award a neat 15:1 win. Unfortunately, winning a banker bet with a six doesn’t happen often, which is seen from the side bet’s RTP of 86.18%.

More Side Bets

Apart from Super 6, players will be able to enjoy other popular side bets as well. P pair and B pair side bets award a win if the first two cards dealt by the dealer create a pair. P pair refers to the pair in the player’s hand, and B pair applies to the banker’s hand. It doesn’t matter whether you’ll win the round after the side bet is completed. Getting a pair will result in an 11:1 win.

Live Baccarat Gameplay
We take a look at No Commission Baccarat, its rules, RTP and gameplay.

The Perfect Pair side bet is another pair-based special wager. If the player or the banker has two cards with a matching number and suit, they will be able to claim a pay of 25:1. However, if both of them have identical cards at the same time, the price increases to 200:1!

The list of side bets also includes the P and B bonuses, which pay whenever the corresponding side beats the opponent in a specific manner. Beating your opponent with a natural eight or nine, or with at least four points will award a cash prize. The size of the award will depend on the size of the point difference. Defeat your opponent by nine points to claim a 30:1 win.

But Is It Worth It?

Kudos to Evolution Gaming for being so creative. Having an idea is only the first step in the process of making a game, and in the end, the final result must be interesting for both online casinos and their customers.

No Commission Baccarat is certainly an appealing variant, while the adjustments made to the original game will allow players to focus solely on the game, without worrying about additional costs.

The biggest downfall of the No Commission Baccarat variant is its RTP, which at 98.76% is only slightly lower when compared to 98.94% of the original game. As you see, the difference may be minimal, but still exists.

In the end, it all depends on your choice. If you think that lowering the RTP percentage is worth getting rid of the commission, then deciding which of the two variants you’re going to play will be easy.

All those players that dislike the 5% commission on their banker bets will surely love the No Commission variant. Evolution Gaming has made sure the game is even more exciting by adding not only the Super 6 side bet but also several other wagers. Scoring two identical cards is something which won’t happen often, but it’s very nice to get such staggering odds of 200:1 for something that pays even money in the regular game.

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