What Are Pay N Play Online Casinos?

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  • Posted on April 21, 2021
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The world of online gambling has seen rapid development over the last couple of years. The growth we have witnessed since the early days of the internet allowed a variety of stakes and brought significant improvement in the gameplay itself.

Both players and digital croupiers benefited from this development, with new technological advancements drawing the attention of gamblers all around the world. Developers introduce new and innovative features, with the market becoming exceedingly competitive and new online casino sites appearing almost on a daily basis.

Among those products that have revolutionised the playing experience is Pay n Play, which enabled online casinos to capture the interest of their potential customers by giving them the chance to enjoy their favourite games right away.

What is Pay N Play?

After finding a new online casino, you’ll need to go through a verification process before you’re ready to enjoy games. During this process, you’ll have to provide a wide array of information, such as your name, age, address, phone number, and email. All this information is required to confirm your identity.

Although identity confirmation is necessary, it’s also lengthy and can discourage potential customers from registering. The process can be slow and incredibly boring for those who have already gone through this process before.

Now, thanks to Pay n Play, players are only three clicks away from enjoying their games.

Trustly gives players a unique Bank ID, which can later be used to make online payments. It involves no lengthy procedure, as Pay n Play casinos can verify their customers’ identities using the same Bank ID. So players only need to place their first deposit and begin playing.

How Does It Work?

Trustly offers online casinos two versions of Pay n Play, allowing them to choose a solution that best fits their business.

The first one is the Pure model, aimed at online gambling companies launching a new brand or rebranding their existing ones.

The Pure model uses Pay n Play as the only registration and payment method. Players just need to make a deposit, and they can immediately start playing. After leaving the online casino site, the previous balance will be available as soon as the players’ identity is verified through their online bank. Any withdrawals are instantly transferred to the players’ bank account without a need for any extra information.

In addition to the first one, online casinos can use the Hybrid model. It’s primarily used by operators that wish to improve their current brands.

Pay n Play payment method
Trustly offers Pure or Hybrid Pay n Play models.

The Hybrid model offers not only Pay n Play, but also other payment and registration methods. Unlike the Pure model, this version doesn’t come with the option to resume playing. This means that upon returning, players will have to log in by making a Trustly deposit. The login can also be done by entering the customer’s user name and password. Making withdrawals is done by logging into an online bank account through Trustly’s platform.

The Future of Pay N Play Casinos

As of April 2021, players from 29 countries can enjoy the benefits of Pay n Play casinos. In practice, that’s more than 100 casino brands available to customers who can quickly and seamlessly enjoy their games.

But the future looks even brighter. Pay n Play is constantly improving its technology and adding new options. In-banner Pay n Play is becoming more and more popular, as it allows players to interact with banners created by operators.

It’s expected that the number of Pay n Play casinos will rapidly rise in the coming years. The technology is particularly popular with younger players, but even older ones are starting to join.

With developers using more advanced technology to keep their portfolios fresh and exciting, the online casino industry continues to attract new customers worldwide. Pay n Play has shown its ability to offer players a quick and hassle-free way of enjoying their games, ultimately creating a top-quality experience everyone is looking for.

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