What Are Social Casinos and Should You Give Them a Go?

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  • Posted on March 10, 2023
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Everyone who took a stab at iGaming should be familiar with social casinos and their gaming concepts. They have conquered the market by storm, becoming increasingly popular as time goes by. They provide a new approach to iGaming, enabling players to try free-to-play games without taking risks.

Social casinos have become universally beloved, for they create an environment where you can learn tips and tricks before playing for real. No actual money is used, but a free virtual currency, which means these casinos are not alternatives to regular venues. They simulate them, giving players an opportunity to enjoy their favourites without the stress of losing money.

Some traditional online casinos offer demo versions of regular games, but they often have an increased RTP percentage. It will create unrealistic expectations when you play for money. On the other hand, social casinos deliver an authentic experience, leaving your funds unaffected. Read on to learn more important facts about social casinos.

The Social Aspect

You can find all traditional casino games and enjoy all your favourites, though the money is not real. Many providers work on developing social casino games, for they can bring revenue, though customers do not spend money playing them. Cosmetic micro-transactions they offer and advertisements do the trick.

Facebook and other social media platforms hold the most popular social casino games. Video slots or lightning-fast table games are usually among the most appealing, with visually stunning games being especially attractive. However, one of their greatest perks is the titular social aspect.

Players can interact with family and friends in video form and live chat, which real-money online casinos lack. Moreover, social casinos are one of the most popular forms of entertainment among older users. Looking for social engagement alongside entertainment, they enjoy the opportunity to use them.

With their popularity rapidly growing, the global market is predicted to reach $8bn by 2025. It could be a good idea for iGaming providers to include social aspects in their product offerings, thus attracting older users.

Are Social Casinos Legitimate?

The common question among social casino customers is whether they are legal. The answer is yes, for no real money is involved in playing the game. All casino games and gameplay features are immediately available to players. They can use extra benefits for real money, but playing and betting on the game is free.

It means social casinos are entirely legitimate in almost every country. However, there are controversies about offering the option of buying free chips for slot games. Some casinos offer it, disturbing the very nature of social casinos, for players technically gamble by buying spins.

Although these cases are rare, there have been some reports of lawsuits when players have been offered real-money purchases of chips. Social casinos have fortunately avoided these cases, not wanting to offer features for real money. The entire purpose of social casinos is defeated in such cases.

Social casino game selection
Practice or just enjoy casino-style games without the financial risk

Social Casino Benefits

We have mentioned the social interaction aspect as one of the main benefits, as well as the possibility of grasping the casino experience. To be able to do it without losing money is a blessing for the players. Some other perks are listed below.

Risk-Free Bonuses and Wagering

It sounds too good to be true – you have no stress and do not lose money, placing your bets freely. Enjoy yourself, but remember, you cannot win anything, either. It is a thoroughly entertaining experience during which you can play all your favourites and casino classics.

Furthermore, it gives you a chance to use bonuses and promotions without risks typically related to them. This claim particularly refers to playthrough requirements. Experience everything a casino can offer without actually losing anything as a perfect introduction to the iGaming world.

Improving Your Casino Knowledge

No matter how seasoned you are, this type of environment can help you improve your strategies and build your library of favourites. Take your time to understand new games and master your tactics, utilising walkthroughs and guides to help you. A wide selection of slots is available to test and introduce you to the real casino world.

Simple Sign-Up

Social casinos enable a simple sign-up procedure to encourage people to become members. Some allow it via Google or Facebook accounts; the rest lets players use their e-mail or enter as guests. The best social casino sites will let you choose how to sign up.

Sheer Entertainment

Of course, one cannot forget the sheer fun factor when joining a social casino. Trying new games for your own enjoyment and without the financial stress usually caused by visiting a casino is always welcome. Table chat rooms and tournaments can be great places to discuss tactics and strategies.

The ability to create a social hub with family and friends makes the experience interactive and even more exciting. The possibility of enjoying the games you like with people you love is an astonishing benefit of social casinos.


To sum up, social casinos are virtual establishments where you can play your favourite games without investing any money. These places can help you handle your temptation without any risks. The games can be played without spending anything, even though some offer various investment options for extra benefits.

Social casinos are a perfect solution for anyone who would like to practise their skills or spend a harmless, entertaining night with friends. Visit OnlineGambling24 to read more about social casinos and what they offer.

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