What Is Crazy 7 Blackjack Side Bet?

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  • Posted on March 29, 2021
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Placing side bets can add more excitement to your blackjack game. One of the more popular blackjack side bets available is Blackjack Super Sevens, an optional wager placed on the first three cards dealt to a player.

As the name suggests, this side bet’s primary goal is to get sevens of the same color or suit. In case you win, you will be paid 3:2, while, unlike other blackjack versions, insurance pays 2:1. A natural 21 is when the first two cards you get are an ace and a ten, and it’s stronger than any hand of 21 after subsequent cards have been dealt.

Blackjack Super Sevens is played by the standard rules of the game. When placing this side bet, you’ll have special spots on the table. To get paid, the player will need to get a seven. If the second card is another seven, the payout will go up in size.

Blackjack Super Sevens Rules

It’s easy to get familiar with this side bet, as its rules are simple. If you want to make a Blackjack Super Sevens bet, all you need to do is place the chip on the special spot on the table we mentioned. If the first card you receive is a seven, you’ll get paid. This prize will increase if you receive two or more sevens in consecution.

Get one seven to receive a 3:1 payout; two unsuited sevens are worth 50:1, while two suited ones pay 100:1. For three unsuited sevens, the payout size significantly goes up to reach 500:1, while three suited sevens pay out a whooping 5,000:1.

Card counting is possible, although players will only need to count sevens and non-sevens. Blackjack Super Sevens is an exciting bet, but we don’t recommend placing it at every hand.

Super, Crazy & Lucky Sevens

This side bet has three variations: Super Sevens, Crazy Sevens, and Lucky Sevens. All three flavours have the same rules, while payouts and house edge differ.

Super Sevens

The Super Sevens side bet is easy to play, at least at the start, but can become very complex later. Elements like payouts, return, combinations, and probability will depend on the player’s hand and a third card guarantee. The house edge will also vary, depending on the number of decks in play. The more deck are used, the lower is the house edge. It’s 15.92% for four decks, dropping to 9.01% when eight decks are used.

Crazy 7 sidebet
Learn more about Crazy 7 side bet in online blackjack and what are possible payouts if you decide to place your money on it.

Crazy Sevens

Crazy Sevens is the same as Super Sevens, although the two variants have different payouts and returns in a six-deck game with a three-card guarantee. A four-deck game has the house edge of 10.09%, a five-deck one 7.97%, while a six-deck game has the house edge of 6.54%. An eight-deck game has the lowest house edge, set at 4.71%.

Lucky Sevens

Lucky Sevens is a bit different as it doesn’t deal with a third card if the dealer gets a blackjack. This side bet is very popular among those players who enjoy live casino blackjack games. The house edge for a four-deck game is 51.25%, slightly dropping to 49.88% when eight decks are in play.

There are many different side bets available to blackjack players. They differ, although they do have one thing in common: their outcome in most cases doesn’t depend on the standard game, as they award payouts before the traditional hand is played. The initial cards you receive will be the ones to determine whether you’ll get paid or not and how much. All in all, side bets can make your blackjack game more interesting and help you win more. Visit OnlineGambling24.com for more blackjack tips.

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