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Which Online Casino Promotions Are Actually Worth Claiming?

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  • Written by Henry
  • Posted on January 14, 2020
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When you enter an online casino and you go to the Promotions page, you are usually showered with choices. But how to know which promotion can reward you really?

If you’ve been reading our articles at, you have probably read about wagering requirements and how dangerous they can be. Just a quick reminder: most promotions come with wagering requirements, a sum you need to pay before you are able to withdraw your winnings. These wagering requirements are usually huge, 35x or 40x the bonus amount, and are usually written in small letters to be barely visible to the untrained eye.

Having this in mind, you would think that no promotion is actually worth claiming. But is that true, though, or are there promos that truly reward you, with no strings attached?

Promos Worth Claiming

Naturally, Wagering Requirements Free promotions would be first on the list of promos you should look out for. When it comes to such promotions, we must inform you right away that they are not easy to be found. For instance, you can rarely, if ever, find a Welcome Bonus that comes with no wagering requirements attached to it. Sure, some leading online casinos may offer such a bonus for a certain period of time, and that offer would probably be a small cash amount, but the well-known 100% Bonus Matches seldom come without wagering requirements.

Now, which promotions are usually always Wagering Requirements Free? One of the most popular ways to claim promos without strings attached is through the Loyalty Program. But, you’d have to climb up the loyalty levels to get to those exclusive Wagering Requirements Free offers. If you have levelled up, these promos are the safest for you to claim.

However, another type of Wagering Requirements Free promotion players absolutely love is the Tournament promotion. One, because there’s usually a cash prize, a gadget or a trip as a reward, and two because it comes with no wagering requirements attached to these rewards.

Tournaments are wagering requirements free promotions that actually reward you.

Why Choose Tournaments?

Aside from these two reasons, both cool and Wagering Requirements Free prizes, Tournaments are also extremely fun and engaging. They are usually structured like this: you opt-in for the promotion, start playing a qualifying game, complete a mission, and collect points on the leaderboard. If you are a regular at a specific online casino, you will notice that there are always around 20 players who like to compete. And even though all of them may get rewarded, usually the first 10 players get the top share of the reward.

The best part is that casinos organize Tournaments for all sorts of online casino games. Be it Live Casino games, online slots or table games, or some Lotto or Bingo games, or even Sports Betting, Tournaments provide all kinds of players with an immersive experience.

Now, we need to answer the question: why are Tournaments a type of a Wagering Requirements Free promotion? The answer is pretty straightforward. Considering the prize is either a smartphone, a tablet, a watch, a laptop, a trip to an exotic travel destination or a cash prize of a certain cash pool, the prize does not have wagering requirements attached to it. The thing is, only bets or wagers made using Bonus funds count towards wagering requirements, and free prizes or rewards do not.

This is where you can find casinos with the best Tournaments on offer:

Finish First on the Leaderboard!

Tournaments are online casino promotions that are fun to participate in, give rewards that come with no wagering requirements and that can provide you with cool cash prizes, gadgets or trips to exotic destinations.

It is evident that they’re worth claiming, but you need to finish first, or at least in the first top 10 players to claim your reward. So, make sure you follow the rules and you’ll have the time of your life!

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