Are New Online Casinos Better than Old Ones?

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  • Posted on November 18, 2022
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For some people, playing online casino games is a great way to make money, and with so many online gambling platforms, there are plenty of opportunities to do so. The best way to get there is by choosing an online casino that suits your playing needs. Many players don‘t know whether to focus on old or new casinos when looking for a place to gamble online.

That‘s why we‘re here. To help you understand new online casinos compared to the old ones, and most importantly, answer if they‘re better.

How to Know If a Casino is Old or New?

“Old” casinos don‘t have to be that old. They must be in operation for five or more years to be regarded as such. Some are old and trace their origins to the beginning of online gambling. Such sites are also known as “legacy“ casinos.

On the other hand, new casinos have been around for less than five years. With so many being launched regularly, they often don‘t have much history behind them. They are also known as start-ups.

Differences Between Old and New Casinos

In addition to their age, there are plenty of other differences between old and new casinos. Let‘s check them out, as they can be crucial when choosing the right location for your online gambling activities.


This is the first thing that separates new and old casinos. Old casinos use already proven methods, while new ones often implement newer methods of attracting customers. The latter will utilise social media techniques to draw new players and mobile apps. Old casinos will change their way only if they believe it will give them an advantage over their competition.

Game Providers and Technology

Old and new casinos often use different types of online casino software. Old casinos rely on traditional software, the one they’re familiar with. Sometimes, you’ll even encounter outdated software. New casinos focus on the latest gaming technologies, such as HTML5 and virtual reality, to deliver the ultimate gaming experience.

Safety and Security

The main difference between new and old casinos is in this area. Old casinos don’t pay that much attention to security. Outdated gaming software makes them vulnerable to hacker attacks. New casinos implement modern technology, ensuring their players are well-protected. It’s best to choose updated options and play at casinos that use SSL encryption. That way, your personal information and banking details are secure. Some old casinos don’t use this technology, so you have to be careful.

Safety Measures
You can be sure that new online casinos use the latest safety and security standards of the industry

Casino Bonuses on Offer

This is another critical difference between the two. The majority of new casinos prepare generous welcome bonuses for their players. However, old casinos will typically award only smaller amounts. In most cases, new casinos offer generous bonuses, which include reload bonuses and free spins.

Quality Customer Support

The quality of their customer service often separates old and new casinos. At new casinos, players can use live chat support, available around the clock, while older casinos have much slower response times. You can contact support via email, but using the live chat option is more convenient. Overall, new casinos boast better customer support.

Payout Speed

New casinos typically calculate their payouts based on the number of bets, not on the money you deposited. It enables players to make more significant wagers without worrying about losing money. On the other hand, older casinos don’t use this approach, which can cause problems for gamblers.

Wide Range of Deposit Methods

New casinos typically provide more options for depositing, and some even accept cryptocurrencies. Credit cards and bank transfers are the usual options at older casinos. The good news is that both new and old casinos accept PayPal. Also, older casinos often impose limits on their deposit methods. For example, some online casino sites will only accept credit cards, while others are focused only on e-wallets, such as Neteller and Skrill.

Game Quality

New casinos offer their players a wide range of online casino games. In practice, their lobby includes hundreds of slots, tables, games, video poker, and more. Older casinos are usually specialised in certain types of games. We also have to point out that not all casinos offer the latest games. Before visiting a casino, be sure to read reviews online. Online casino reviews are particularly helpful when choosing a mobile casino app.

Mobile Casino App Integration

The availability of mobile casino apps is another critical difference between old and new casinos. Apps work across all platforms, allowing players to enjoy their games on the go. New casinos have more apps on offer, including those for other operating systems apart from Android and iOS. Older casinos don’t have such a wide choice. Before joining an online casino, download the app to see if it works on your device.

Betting Limits

While many newer casinos don’t have any kind of betting limits, old ones are rigorous. The best online gambling sites don’t have limits, allowing their customers to fully enjoy their games. Before signing up, we advise you to check the casino’s policy on this.

Although new casinos come with more features and options, it doesn’t mean that older casinos don’t have anything to offer. They have been around for years, sometimes even decades, which is a testament to their quality and reliability. However, most players choose newer casinos for one simple reason: convenience. New online casinos deliver brand-new playing experiences, meaning you won’t regret choosing one for yourself. Be sure to do your research before selecting an online casino. That way, you’ll be able to make the most of your gambling. We at OnlineGambling24 have plenty of resources to help you choose the option that suits your preferences.

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