Are Online Casino Games Better Than Land-Based Games?

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  • Posted on February 3, 2023
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Table games have been the centre of the action in casinos worldwide for centuries. Some of them, like roulette, poker and blackjack, are among the most popular even today. Until recently, people had to visit brick-and-mortar casinos to enjoy them, but nowadays, online casinos offer them, too.

Of course, land-based casinos hold sway over online venues regarding the atmosphere. Table games offer the best atmosphere, providing a sense of excitement like no other. They are an excellent opportunity to socialise with your friends and feel the joy of winning. Providing better odds than slot machines will always be attractive to players.

However, online table games have some considerable advantages compared to land-based ones. Read on to find out more about the reasons why they can be superior to their real-life variant.

Better Rules

Some games do not vary from one casino to another, sporting uniform rules, including baccarat. Conversely, other games, like roulette and blackjack, have different rules from one venue to another. Both online and land-based establishments usually offer favourable conditions, but gaming sites tend to be more player-friendly.

You have a much better chance of winning with European Roulette than the American version (2.70% house edge vs 5.26%). In online casinos, the European version is the standard, while you are never sure which version you will play in land-based venues.

When it comes to online blackjack, 3:2 natural payouts are common, alongside other favourable rules. On the other hand, brick-and-mortar places give you 6:5, together with some other conditions that benefit themselves. One should always check the info screen and make sure of the rules, but online casinos tend to treat players better.

Higher RTP

RTP determines how much money you can win back by playing casino games on average. If the game gives you 98%, you will win back $98 for every $100. If a house has better rules, they raise the RTP. Blackjack usually offers 98% to 99.5%, while you can expect 97.3% from European Roulette.

In contrast, the American version offers 94.74% payback. You might find some land-based venues with excellent rules, but the highest RTPs and the best variants are much more common online.

Low Minimum Wagers

Major casino venues used to offer $5 tables regularly, but now it is a rarity. Some of the casinos that still have them make a big deal out of it. Common minimum bets per hand nowadays are $10 – $25, and you can win a lot if you are on a roll. However, if you are on a cold streak on $25 bets, it could end your session quickly.

No wonder land-based casinos ask for more, for they have higher costs. Dealers, equipment and utility bills must be paid, but after all, you can play at online casinos for much less money. Most tables have a minimum bet of $1. You might be attracted to brick-and-mortar venues by the chance of winning more, but online casinos are a place to go if you want to take care of your budget.

Casino mobility
Online casino games are available 24/7, wherever you go


You can enjoy table games online anywhere you go; everything you need is a device and a working connection. While the social aspect of real-life casinos is one of their main advantages, playing your favourite games from home is great, too. You can log in for a quick session from your couch, not worrying about anything.

Moreover, you have all the time in the world to master the rules and everything else at home. Some circumstances can be stressful for new players if they are at a land-based casino. Timeframes, etiquette and other constraints could be real problems for newbies. Playing online allows you to take all the time you need without annoying anyone.

Big Bonuses

Besides large welcome packages and slot bonuses, online casinos also offer table game bonuses. Of course, to pick them up, you must first meet the terms and conditions. The bonuses are subject to wagering requirements you must fulfil to withdraw the money.

It is not easy to grab the money, but at least players have a shot at large amounts. Land-based casinos don’t offer deposit bonuses, but only loyalty rewards, so you cannot fund your account unless you are a long-term customer.


The only advantage land-based casinos have over online venues is the social factor. Playing among friends and other people can be a magnificent experience, feeling chills and thrills in real life. However, when we take everything into account, online casinos have many benefits.

You can enjoy all the perks from the comfort of your home 24/7. Add more money you can win, smaller bets and richer bonuses to the mix, and you will see why we think online venues are better. Visit OnlineGambling24 and read many more valuable articles on the subject.

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