Different Types of Progressive Jackpots Explained

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  • Posted on November 9, 2020
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Every slot player’s biggest dream is to one day hit a staggering progressive jackpot. Doing so can change one’s life and make it much more comfortable in the future.

However, progressive jackpot prizes are very elusive, and many punters often overlook this fact. Odds for claiming such a prize may be minimal, but that doesn’t stop players from all over the world from trying to scoop a progressive jackpot. There’s no need to avoid them, especially when you’re aware of what to expect and when your expectations are realistic.

Today, we’re going to talk about the types of progressive jackpots, and at the same time, we’ll try to explain their intricacies.

First, the Basics

Before we get to the bottom of the story, let’s see what progressive jackpots are. Usually found in video slot games, progressive prizes are funded by players themselves while playing the game. Every time, a punter places a wager on a spin, a small portion of his bet is used to increase the size of the jackpot.

Over time, especially if the game is popular with players, the size of these prizes can reach six-figure or even seven-figure sums.

In total, there are three main types of progressive jackpots: Standalone Progressives, Local Progressive Jackpots, and Global Progressive Jackpots. The majority of players will most like encounter only two of them.

Here you can play progressive jackpot games

Standalone Progressives

This progressive jackpot is the one encountered when playing a video slot machine at a brick and mortar venue, such as a casino, a fruit machine at your local bar, or a bookmaker. A standalone jackpot applies only to a specific device, meaning only wagers made on that same machine contribute toward the size of the jackpot. Claiming such a prize in most cases won’t change your life, but doesn’t mean they can’t reach appealing sums.

Local Progressive Jackpots

This is a type of progressive jackpot more familiar to fans of online slots. Such as progressive jackpot is not associated with a specific machine, but are linked to all machines, or slot games within a land-based gambling venue, or an online casino. When it comes to progressive jackpots offered by online slots, every time a player places a wager, a part of it will increase the size of the jackpot, while the figure will keep on growing until a punter claims the prize.

Age of the gods gameplay
Progressive jackpots can be huge

Local Progressive Jackpots behave much like their standalone counterparts, allowing jackpot prizes to reach staggering sums. Since at online casinos tens, hundreds or even thousands of players can enjoy the same game at the same time, the prize pool can rapidly increase.

Global Progressive Jackpots

This is the most often encountered type of progressive jackpot. Global progressive jackpots resemble their local version, although they are not limited to just one casino, meaning they can be shared among several online gambling venues. Thanks to this, they can reach fantastic sums, although they are not easily won. It may take up to a couple of months, or even years to be claimed by a lucky player, but they are worth waiting for since they deliver life-changing payouts.


Winning a progressive jackpot entirely depends on Lady Luck, and that’s why players are advised not to make progressive jackpot slots their primary focus when playing slot games. Please don’t spend all your money on them, and do not try to chase your losses when doing so. Whether you choose to play for cash, or just for fun, you can find a large selection of both progressive and non-progressive online slots at OnlineGambling24.com. You may not end in the Guinness Book of World Records, are you’re guaranteed to have fun.

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