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Progressive jackpots can be attached to a slot game. But they can also be offered in other types of online casino games, like Live Casino games. But generally, progressive jackpots are associated with slots.

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Slots With a Progressive Jackpot

You know that in online casinos today, you will find all different kinds of online casino games. But slots were and will always be the most popular type of casino games that players love playing.

And while slots differ in terms of grids, volatility, payout potential, bonus features, and themes, they can all be categorized into three major categories: classic, video, and progressive jackpot slots.

Fruit machines or classic slots were the first ones ever invented, and the first land-based machines that were played for real money and gave real money rewards. With the invention of the internet, these were the slots that first went online. And while developers still create classic slots from time to time, they are mainly focused on developing video slots.

The best Progressive Jackpot

Video slots are the slots you’re playing today. These are slots with the most unique themes, exceptional visual designs, and action-packed gameplay.

When these video slots have a jackpot attached to them, they’re counted as belonging to a different category of slots, progressive jackpot slots. These slots are, therefore, video slots that offer a progressive jackpot feature that can deliver life-changing prizes to the player.

These slots have revolutionized online gambling, becoming an instant hit on the market the moment they first appeared. This is because the jackpot pool in these slots is not fixed like in regular jackpot-offering slots that existed in the past. Fixed jackpots were being offered by some developers in some games, with a prize that cannot increase with time. Progressive jackpots, on the other hand, changed slots gambling for good, since their prize can increase to some really incredible sums.

Casinos That Offer Slots With Progressive Jackpots

Types of Progressive Jackpots

You should understand that there are different types of progressive jackpots a slot machine can offer. The three major categories are standalone, in-house, and wide-area progressives. The first one refers to a jackpot that is not connected to other games or other casinos. The bets on the specific slot contribute to the prize pool only, and that’s it.

The second one is the progressive jackpot, linked to a group of games by a certain developer in one casino. The third one is one of the most enticing. It’s linked to a group of games. Games in many different casinos that feature the games by a specific developer. This can actually deliver the most massive payouts.

However, each of these jackpots can have its own variations. For instance, there are Daily Drop or Must-Drop Jackpots offered by certain developers. The Daily Drop, for instance, guarantees daily jackpot prizes being delivered to the players. The Must-Drop are jackpots that must be hit when the prize pool reaches a certain limit.

All You Need Is a Little Luck

Of course, these jackpots can only be hit by the luckiest players. Some jackpots can be hit at random. Others require that you land specific bonus symbols to grab them. This is another difference between progressive jackpots. The Daily Drop and Must-Drop are usually hit at random. That’s because these are jackpots that must payout at a certain point. Another type of jackpot that falls into this category is the Guaranteed Jackpot. A slot with a Guaranteed Jackpot is one that will deliver a jackpot prize no matter what.

However, there are those jackpots that you can only hit if you go through a bonus game successfully. These slots have a positive side. When you’re inside the bonus game, you’re basically entitled to get a jackpot prize. In these slots, it all comes down to triggering the bonus game. After that, you can rest assured that you can win at least one of the jackpot prizes.

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The Biggest Wins

The first-ever progressive jackpot slot was launched by IGT in 1896, called Megabucks. It was quite popular at the time, but from 2006 on, other developers overtook the lead.

In 2006, Microgaming created the mega-popular slot Mega Moolah. You must have heard of or even played this slot, because to this day, it is still one of the most popular progressive jackpot slots that players love, even though in Microgaming’s network you’ll find many other titles. The first recorded win was in 2008, two years after its release. Since no one has hit it in those two years, the lucky winner won $5.5 million.

Seeing Microgaming’s success and being on the rise itself, NetEnt also created a progressive jackpot slot, released in 2009, called Mega Fortune. The first winner playing this game scooped €4.3 million. NetEnt later created several other progressive jackpot slots, but Mega Fortune is still one of the players’ favourites.

In the meantime, Yggdrasil joined the club, and created its Joker Millions slot, offering a progressive jackpot slot, which started delivering insane wins in just a few months after its release.

A Huge Jackpot Won on Mega Moolah
A Huge Jackpot Won on Mega Moolah

Record Breaking

Microgaming’s progressive jackpot network delivered a record-breaking sum of £13.2 million to a British soldier. This win earned the developer the Guinness World Records® title “Largest jackpot payout in an online slot machine game”. This record was broken in 2013 by a Mega Fortune player who won €17.86. And then, in 2018, it was broken again, this time by a Microgaming fan playing at Grand Mondial Casino on the 28th September, playing Mega Moolah. The instant-made multimillionaire won a staggering €18.9 jackpot prize!

The best part about these incredible wins is that they were hit by players who have invested very little to try out their luck. In fact, winners claim that you can win the jackpot for a bet as small as $0.50! A Microgaming player won $8.1 million playing for a $6.6 bet. A 62-year-old woman playing NetEnt’s progressive jackpot slot pocketed a $3.5 million prize for a bet as small as $1! A Swede playing Joker Millions, a progressive jackpot by Yggdrasil played for $0.70 bet and won $3.5 million, believe it or not!

The Best Time to Play Progressive Jackpot Slots

It is no secret that progressive jackpot slots such as those by Microgaming, NetEnt, and Yggdrasil are like ticking bombs, waiting for the lucky players to hit them. But you need to do your homework if you want to be the lucky winner. The thing is, progressive jackpots usually payout when they reach a certain limit, an approximate amount of money, although not necessarily.

If you go to the official websites of Microgaming, NetEnt, and Yggdrasil, and scroll the news archive, you will notice a pattern. You will notice that the jackpots pay when they’re around a certain sum, so you better compare the major wins and then check the current jackpot prize on a progressive jackpot you want to play. For instance, you can notice that the most frequent jackpot wins are somewhere around $3 to $4 million. When the jackpot reaches $3 million, then, it would be wise to start playing the progressive jackpot slot.

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