Double Up Feature in Video Poker Explained

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  • Posted on April 29, 2020
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Video Poker is a very popular game at online casinos, especially if you talk about one of the full-pay game variants. It is one of the skill-based casino games, where applying the optimal strategy of double up can help you lower the house edge considerably and beat the game.

One of the options some Video Poker variants offer is Double Up. Stay with OnlineGambling24, to learn how it works and if you should go for it.

How Video Poker Double Up Works

Double Up is a common extra feature incorporated in some Video Poker variants including the most popular ones. It becomes available after you create a winning hand and offers you an opportunity to double your payout. As soon as the round finishes, you will be asked whether you want to double up your winning. You can click on the Collect button and keep your original payout.

how double up in video poker works
The Double Up Feature Adds More Excitement to Video Poker
If you opt for Double, the machine will deal five cards with one of them face-up. It is known as the dealer or house card. Your task is to select one of four face-down cards. If the selected card is higher than the dealer card, your payout gets doubled. Otherwise, you lose the original prize. Sometimes, a Double Up game can end in a tie, which won’t reflect on your result. You can use the feature only once or as long as you win, it may depend on the game itself or your decision.

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There Is a Fifty-Fifty Chance

The Double Up feature is considered one of the better bets you can make at the casino in theory. However, you should bear in mind that it comes down to luck as cards are drawn by the RNG, and no skill can help you guess which one of them will be higher than the house card. There are some speculations on the way the Double Up option works, like the one suggesting that the feature favours the winners with low-ranking hands. Yet, these do not hold water.

Think of Double Up as a coin flip. Each of the cards can be either lower or higher than the house edge, so there is a fifty-fifty chance to double your winning. Since a tie results in a push in most cases, meaning that you won’t lose your original payout, the Double Up feature comes with a house edge of 5.8%.

So, Should You Go for Double Up?

Knowing that there is a chance to increase your winnings won’t leave you indifferent, and we have to admit that this option is quite tempting. Yet, there is no consensus on whether you should use it or not. A rule of thumb would be to avoid using the feature on games where an RTP is over 100%. By doing so, you would practically decrease the edge you have over the casino. Also, you can use it when your payout is not very large, so you won’t risk losing a considerable amount of money.

The Double Up feature increases the volatility of Video Poker games for sure. You can use it if you want to add more excitement to the gameplay from time. A higher volatility means more risk, so play responsibly.

What About Gamble Feature?

Some Video Poker games offer the Gamble feature. While the effect on your payout is the same, meaning that you can get it doubled if you win, the gameplay is different.

The Gamble feature asks you to guess the colour of the hidden card. You should pick red or black, and if you guess correctly, your original winning gets doubled. Some Video Poker machines also offer you a chance to quadruple your payout by guessing the suit of a hidden card. This option involves more risk, though.

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