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One of the most exciting innovations when it comes to poker was the development of video poker. Video poker is a casino game that follows the rules of five-card stud poker and is played on a machine, not unlike slots.

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Since the appearance of video poker machines on the gambling scene in the 1970s, they’ve become a major part of the poker family in casinos thanks to the better odds and the fact that they were less intimidating than playing on casino game tables.

Nowadays, when the online gambling market is growing and growing, you see a movement. Players leave the video poker machines in the landbased casinos and play video poker in an online casino. They can do that at home.

What is Video Poker
What is Video Poker?

How Do You Play Video Poker?

If you know the rules of poker, you can play video poker with ease. You just insert coins, place a bet, and the machine deals 5 cards. After deciding which cards to discard or hold, the machine replaces the ones the player wants to get rid of and deals new cards in their place. If the hand matches any winning poker combination that can be seen on the paytable, the player wins.

Most of the variations today have a special bonus or progressive jackpot attached to them. That makes them all the more enticing to play. With these bonuses, players get more chances at winning great prizes and they will play more frequently.

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Why Play Video Poker?

The first time you try the game, you’ll see that it is much more exciting and even more profitable than standard casino poker. The high payout and the wide range of variations at your disposal are other reasons why you should play video poker. The best thing about it is that all these different games are usually available in any online casino, so you can switch between them and play for free or real money.

The biggest factor why millions are choosing video poker over standard poker is the promise of a good payout. The attached progressive jackpots are enticing as well, making video poker the true king of online casinos.


Jacks or Better, Texas Hold ‘Em, Joker’s Wild, Deuces Wild, Tens or Better, and Bally’s All American! They are just a fraction of the video poker variations players can enjoy today. Available in most casino sites, all these variations have special features and a retro look. The have an RTP percentage of over 99%. With That, modern video poker variations require skills. Playing with a strategy is recommended in order to get the most out of them.

Additionally, online video poker versions often come with a progressive jackpot. It can grow for quite a long time before someone lucky enough manages to win it. The progressive jackpots can get pretty big. They are one of the main reasons why so many players are drawn to video poker.


Although similar to slots, video poker differs from them in the fact that you are in control of the outcome. Unlike slots, where each spin is random. They give players a choice to either discard or hold cards in this game. That means that they can also apply strategies depending on their hand that can increase the chances of a payout.

Video poker
Royal Flush means jackpot!

The RTP of video poker is different from one version to the other. It’s usually pretty favorable for the player. Still, that doesn’t mean you’ll win money every time you play it. In video poker, the best way to profit is to use a strategy and avoid making mistakes.

There are some unwritten rules you should follow that depend on your hand. In this game, you can discard all the cards and receive new ones. Just get rid of them if you don’t like your hand. This is something you should always keep in mind. From thereon, the decision what to do is yours only.

Do you trade away a straight flush for a possible royal flush and a higher payout? If you’re a good poker player, you’ll know what to do. That is why we suggest to learn more about the game before you play any online video poker variation.

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The History of Video Poker

The history relates closelyto the history of slot machines. After the huge success of Bally’s first modern slot machine Money Honey which shook the gambling world in 1963, the world got its first video slot machine in 1976. That is just around the time when video poker saw the light. The first primitive video poker machines were available in the middle of the 70s. These games were based purely on luck. They had spinning wheels just like a slot, and symbols formed a poker hand appearing on the machine’s reels once they stopped spinning. There was no option to hold or draw cards and the game required no skill. Still, it was quite popular, which inspired developers to improve the original design.

Poker-Matic was the first

The first machine was called Poker-Matic and combined a monitor with a central processing unit. In the beginning, Poker-Matic wasn’t very popular, as people in the 70s had a hard time believing in the fairness of a machine. That all changed in 1979 when the first modern video poker machine developed by IGT and called Draw Poker was introduced to casinos. With a draw feature in tow, the machine quickly gained the attention of many players and the stage was set for the glorious arrival of video poker.

The video poker machines in the 1980s had a wide range of betting options, could be found anywhere including bars, restaurants, cafes, and strip bars, and had a higher payout than other casino games. The games offered all the benefits of playing at a casino table without the intimidating factor of actually playing in a casino, which made them all the more popular. Thanks to the widespread availability, video poker was probably the most popular casino game in the 80s.

Thanks to the online casino boom in the past 20 years, video poker made the jump to the web just like every other game. Nowadays, it is one of the most popular games in online casinos. There are dozens of video poker variation and even live dealer video poker games with unique features and bonuses that make the game much more attractive and even more popular than before.

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