ELK Studios to Launch Tropicool 3

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  • Posted on April 10, 2024
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Fiona Flamingo and Tony Toucan have gone to Antarctica to create their own little paradise far from everyone. ELK Studios hit it big with the first two parts of the franchise, and it returns with another sequel to delight fans. The game has a slightly different mechanism, but everything else is there—stunning visuals, engaging features, and solid payouts.

The new environment looks more like Las Vegas, plus all the snow, but it is still tremendously entertaining. You might know what to expect, but you will still be glad to see it all. The blue colour dominates the grid and the background, giving them a relaxed and easy-going style with a tropical tone.

Many exciting moments await once you embark on this adventure, and you can grab numerous lucrative payouts. The gravity effect has been familiar ever since Cygnus, giving players a thrilling new mechanism to enjoy. Read the article to find out what Tropicool 3 offers, providing a magnificent playing experience in the process.

Unforgettable Expedition

Tropicool 3 offers many exceptional moments and sessions, and it is unique and highly addictive. The Cool Reel spices the game up, with all the other features making up the fast-paced gameplay. The volatility is high, meaning wins will be infrequent but substantial, especially if you can handle some dead spins.

The hit rate is 28%, promising that every third or fourth spin, on average, will be a winning one. It is an excellent percentage, given the RTP value of 94%, for the game went far below the industry standard. Still, it does not mean you cannot grab solid wins on this unusual vacation. On the contrary, the game offers a maximum win of 25,000x the bet, which indicates you can fight for £2.5m.

You can start playing with only £0.2, while the highest wager is £100. The action plays out on a 6×6 grid with up to 46,656 ways to win, allowing for quick and exciting rounds. The meeting of Tropicool and Cygnus was mostly successful, but it could have been even better. Two types of Wilds include regular and Locked Wilds, with the latter being active for 3 wins before Avalanche removes it.

The Avalanche starts again and continues until the wins last, while Gravity also applies to the Cool Reel, with the symbols falling left or right. The rounds are always exciting and unpredictable, with plenty of winning options. This winter adventure will hardly turn dull, which is the most critical aspect of every game.

Low-pay symbols include four fruits enclosed in ice, worth 0.25x the stake for a full line. Premium symbols are lizards, snakes, scarabs, and birds, awarding 0.5x—5x the stake for a full payline. When you visit this exotic place, plenty of lucrative winning chances await. Those familiar with the franchise will know the drill but will still be pleasantly surprised by the new assets.

Tropicool 3 video slot gameplay
Get ready for the next chapter in ELK Studios’ Tropicool saga, which promises even more thrills and winning opportunities!

Tropicool 3: Features

Tropicool 3 contains the Cool Reel, Feature Symbols, Elmo’s Revenge, Free Spins, and X-iter bonus round. You are in for multiple winning opportunities once you set out on this adventure.

Cool Reel

The Cool Reel above the main grid has 3 rows with blank symbols, feature icons and Scatters. The round begins with symbols dropping onto the grid and feature symbols going in from the opposite side. Every combination on the main board is paid and the icons removed, while the remaining symbols drop with Gravity.

The first Cool Reel row icons drop on the main playing area, rolling far right or left. Gravity works for the Cool Reel, too, filling it from the right side. All new wins are applied, while the Avalanche procedure repeats until no payouts remain. Multiple payouts are likely to come in such situations, making this tropical holiday extremely exciting.

Elmo’s Revenge

When the Elmo icon comes to the leftmost column, the feature triggers and drops the whole Cool Reel onto the main grid. If the symbol ends up on the bottom of columns 2 – 6, it is removed and dropped down one step to the left if possible. If fortunate enough, you could receive big wins in this situation.

Feature Symbol

The symbols available in the game include Multiplier, Row Swap, and Mystery. The first one enhances the multiplier by 1x – 25x by dropping down, while the second one replaces payout symbols on a payline with the same icon. Finally, the Mystery symbols all unveil the same pay symbol once the drop ends.

Bonus Game

If you hit 3 to 6 Scatters, you will get 6, 9, 12 and 15 spins, respectively. In this round, the Cool Reel has new feature symbols for each drop, and the multiplier is sticky between drops. The Locked Wilds remain on the grid until fully used while getting Extra Drop icons adds 1-3 new extra drops.

The Super Bonus is granted when 3 or more Scatters are on the grid simultaneously with the Elmo icon. When it is active, a single Elmo symbol is always present on the grid. The excitement never stops once you are in this unusual environment, and the chances of getting solid wins are always there.


Once you access the X-iter menu, you will have the following bonus modes at your disposal. In Bonus Hunt, you will have more than a triple chance to trigger the bonus game for 3x the stake. Locked Wilds gives you 3 of them for 25x the bet. In Elmo’s Revenge, you can buy a spin with a guaranteed Elmo icon for 50x the stake. Furthermore, Bonus and Super Bonus Game are worth 100x and 500x the stake, respectively.

Tropicool 3 has some familiar elements but also contains a couple of twists that players will enjoy. The features are so versatile that you will never manage to slow down, being thrilled with this phenomenal experience. ELK Studios has successfully continued the franchise with some perks that will delight fans. Stay with us at OnlineGambling24 to see what the studio will do in the future.

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