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The advances in mobile devices in 2012 and 2013 led to many new software providers opening their doors. And one of these studios is ELK studios, today’s main topic!

What started as a small team in Sweden is now a slightly larger team, still based in Sweden! And yet, the company continues to defy expectations, delivering high quality slots that can compete with industry juggernauts.

It’s an honest shame that more people aren’t aware of this amazing developer. Hopefully, this highlight will show you why we’re such big fans of ELK – and why they should be on your radar, too.

About ELK Studios

ELK Studios started operations in 2013, and is based in Stockholm, Sweden. The team immediately recognized the major part mobile devices would play in the future, and moved to capitalize. The company committed to delivering the most entertaining games in the online gambling industry, and that’s a pledge we trust. The team blends art, technology and math together to create truly engaging and satisfying slots!

So, how do they do this exactly? ELK is quite open about their process. Everything starts off as an idea – a concept that they try to convert into an actual release. Only ideas that can create both an inspiring theme and a strong game model are considered.

From there, the artists get to work, ambitiously crafting each asset, while developers transform their ideas into software. Add a dash of mathematics, and you’ve got yourself an ELK slot! To deliver the best balance of pays, feature triggers and fun, the studio uses a proprietary modelling system, inspired by the Drakon-C language.

It’s clearly a model that works. Despite the studio’s small size, they took home the prestigious EGR Operator award for Game of the Year in 2017. And if this doesn’t make them trustworthy enough, how about licenses from the two strictest gambling authorities? ELK has a United Kingdom Gambling Commission license, and a Class 4 license from the Malta Gaming Authority.

Some of the Great Characters
Some of the Great Characters

ELK Studios’ Slots

As you’d expect from a company that’s picked up a Game of the Year award, their slots are incredibly fun and super lucrative. Obviously, your mileage will vary depending on which one you pick. But the vast majority are medium or high variance, and offer a respectable RTP of 96% and above.

What we like most is how each game ELK releases feels different from the last. Unlike larger software providers, they don’t do monthly slot launches. But when they do give us something, it’s usually pretty damn good. Their bonuses include re-spins, multipliers, various Wild enhancers and collapsing reels with increasing paylines, among others.

But it wouldn’t be much of a highlight if we didn’t showcase some slots for our readers to enjoy. It took a lot of effort to pick a few favourites from ELK’s library. But rest assured, we’re offering the crème de la crème of the Swedish studio’s games.

  • Respin Circus
  • Do you like cute animals and circus tricks? Then you’ll probably love this release! But there’s a lot more to love than just its visuals. The rabbit conductor is a Wild that boosts any win it is a part of by 4x. Each spin also causes a re-spin to be played, with all winning icons being locked in place. Just these two bonuses would probably be enough, but ELK kindly gave us a free spins round, too.

  • Tahiti Gold
  • This game is the follow-up to Ecuador Gold, which would probably be on this list too if it weren’t for its sequel. Kane finds himself stranded on an island, and decided to do what he does best: find himself some treasure! This is a highly volatile slot, where each consecutive win unlocks a bigger playing field with more paylines. ELK’s release also gives you massive symbols, sticky Wilds, and a free spins round.

  • Hit it Big
  • Now this slot is speaking our language. While it borrows its looks from physical machines, you shouldn’t write it off as just a simple cash grab. Keep an eye out on the Reel Game feature, as it can grant up to four different bonuses on each spin! Locked Wilds, stacked Wilds, re-spins and multipliers all await in this release. But without doubt the most lucrative is the Bonus Game, with its 1000x multiplier!

  • Wild Toro
  • How could we make a list of best ELK slots, and not include the one that won them Game of the Year? The visuals are gorgeous and hilarious, especially during the special features. During the bonus, Toro will charge across the reels, knocking off any Matadors, and leaving a trail of Wilds in his wake. There’s also the Matador re-spins, which creates a lot of targets for Toro to charge.

  • Chi
  • There’s a lot of oriental themed games out there. As such, they face much stiffer competition and reviews compared to other themes. But ELK smugly walks in, casually mentions you can grab a 10,000x multiplier, and lets gamblers get caught up in the frenzy. Don’t get too excited – the release artificially caps your jackpot at 12,500x. But that’s no small number, especially if you get lucky with the Stairway to Heaven bonus.

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Special Features

One thing that becomes readily apparent is that ELK Studios and multipliers have a very lovey-dovey relationship. All of the developers’ best games include them in some fashion, and they usually climb to some absurd heights. It makes for great marketing material to say your slot’s multiplier can go as high as 10,000x. Of course, ELK then has to limit your wins in other ways, but the thrill of huge multipliers is awesome regardless.

Another ELK favourite seem to be re-spins. The Swedish studio knows how to do those well – they made Wild Toro on nothing but re-spins and Wilds, after all. Which leads us to our next topic.

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