First Person Golden Wealth Baccarat vs Golden Wealth Baccarat Live

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  • Posted on October 11, 2021
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The leading developer of live casino games, Evolution, introduced a new baccarat game this year. Titled Golden Wealth Baccarat, this Asian-themed release promised plenty of excitement and chances to win, as well as an RTP going up to 98.95%.

Golden Wealth Baccarat has everything it takes to become a popular live dealer game. It’s easy to play, making it a perfect choice for newbies looking to have a thrilling casino experience. Experienced players should also have a great time and are sure to enjoy its stylish appearance.

Golden Wealth Baccarat comes in two flavours: as a First-Person and a Live Casino edition. In this article, we will talk about these two versions and explain the differences between them.

How Does First Person Golden Wealth Baccarat Function?

Essentially, the First Person variant of Golden Wealth Baccarat is the same as its live counterpart. The main difference is that the First Person is powered by a random number generator (RNG) and represents an animated version. At the same time, the other is played against a real-life dealer.

Boasting beautiful 3D animations, the First Person edition is played on its own, giving players more control over the game itself.

The game begins with betting and the selection of the Golden Cards and multiplier. Once you place your stake, there’s a 20% Golden Fee, which is taken in return for the additional multipliers. Any Golden Cards dealt are highlighted in the top part of the game screen. If you’re good to go, pressing the Deal button starts the game and the Golden Round.

After the cards are dealt, it’s time to see who won the round. Any winnings are paid out according to the game’s paytable.

Differences Between the Two Versions

The First Person games are live dealer games that have been converted into animated versions. They are very popular among fans of live casino games, which is why Evolution’s lineup includes a wide variety of these titles.

As we previously mentioned, the most important difference between these two variants is that the First Person edition is an RNG-powered animated version. In contrast, the Live edition is played in a real studio and features a real dealer.

Golden Wealth Baccarat Table
As always, Evolution leaves you with a lot of choices. Which of the two versions of Golden Wealth Baccarat will you choose?

Golden Wealth Baccarat Live definitely offers a more authentic experience, which doesn’t mean the First Person variant hasn’t got its advantages. It comes with additional features, such as free hands and shuffling the shoe whenever you want.

Playing free hands is a unique option you’ll find only in the First Person version of this title. It allows players to learn more about the game. It also enables them to spot trends, which can later be used to predict the game’s outcome.

Unlike the First Person edition, the Live one doesn’t allow players to reset the shoe.

When playing the First Person variant, you can always choose the Live version. All you have to do is hit the Go Live button.

Choosing the version for yourself depends on your playing preferences. No matter which version you choose, there are many advantages the new baccarat game has. First of all, there’s an RTP of 98.85%. In practice, this means your odds of winning are higher.

In addition to the generous payout percentage, Golden Wealth Baccarat comes with multipliers of up to 8x. Compared to some other live baccarat games, they are lower, but it’s good to know they will appear more frequently. This not only keeps the experience full of excitement, but it gives the game a solid win potential as well. Visit today to learn more about live dealer games.

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