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Multihand Blackjack

As one of the most popular games in casinos, blackjack has countless variations. Some have become even more popular than traditional blackjack as they have a few interesting tricks up their sleeve which make the card game much more exciting. Multihand Blackjack is one of these very popular blackjack variations.

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Every casino game has its charm, but it does tend to get boring after a while, especially for a player that has already become a pro. Such is the case with blackjack, hence the numerous variations.

If you would like to make blackjack more challenging, tell us, what would you change? Will it be the bet size, the table limits or something else? Most players would love to be able to play with more than one hand. Just think about it – playing several hands at the same time independently would make the game much more exciting and give players a chance to win big. Well, now you can finally do that thanks to Multihand Blackjack.

The Rules of Multihand Blackjack

Basically, Multihand Blackjack doesn’t stray from the rules of traditional blackjack except for the fact that players can run up to 5 hands per round. Although there are many multihand variations of the card game in land-based casinos, the game has a strong base of fans on casino sites, where players can take their time with all the hands without feeling pressured to play.

Blackjack Multihand
You can win with three hands at the same time

As a matter of fact, Multihand Blackjack is probably among the most popular blackjack variants in online casinos. It’s easy to see why – it offers quite a challenge for experienced players and a larger payout as well. It’s the perfect game of blackjack for anyone who considers the traditional versions dull.

When it comes to the rules, there are no differences between this variant and the original version. The goal of the game is still to beat the dealer’s 21, albeit this time you have 5 chances of doing it. Before the game begins, players are required to pick the number of hands they would like to play. Of course, they need to place just as many bets which don’t have to be equal in size. During each turn, players can adjust their bets depending on the hands they have.

As the game progresses, each hand is played from the right to the left. The table minimums for this exciting blackjack variant are much lower than traditional blackjack in order to encourage players to play all the hands possible. This is a win-win for both parties – the casino makes more money, while players get the chance to earn more money than they’ve hoped for.


Due to the fact that players play several hands at once, many play impulsively, especially when they start losing. In order to prevent this from happening and stay in the game for longer, playing with strategies is a good idea. The good thing about it is that you can use different strategies for each hand and see what works best.

For starters, you can start with an aggressive strategy for one hand, then play it safe with the next. In this way, you’ll see what suits your style best and possibly beat the dealer. Also, you can take as many insurance bets as you want in order to protect your bankroll in case the dealer has a blackjack on any or all of your hands.

Additionally, if you have two hands with face cards, you can keep one as a 20 and split the second in order to improve your chances of winning. As we said, the biggest advantage of using strategies when playing Multihand Blackjack is that you get a chance to see which one works best for your style of play. This can lead to potentially massive wins and make you a better blackjack player as well.

Multihand Blackjack in Online Casinos

The reason why most players decide to play this blackjack variant in online casinos is the fact that playing it in land-based casinos can be much more stressful.

If you play Multihand Blackjack in Vegas, the dealer will surely pressure you into moving faster and playing at a quicker pace, which can make you rush things and possibly lose. The whole atmosphere in a land-based casino can put too much pressure on players which will eventually lead to bad decisions and huge losses.

Online casinos are the exact opposite of this. You can play any variation of blackjack from the comfort of your own home and with no distractions at all. Just log-in and fire up the game – the dealer won’t pressure you into moving faster as you’re playing against a computer.

There are no other distractions as well, which is why Multihand Blackjack is so popular in online casinos. Due to the fact that you’re playing several hands at once, Multihand Blackjack requires you to stay focused and this can be hard in a land-based casino.

So, if you really want to become better at Multihand Blackjack, we prefer trying it out in online casinos.

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What’re the Pros and Cons?

The possibility to turn big profits is obviously the reason behind the resounding success of Multihand Blackjack in recent years. As it allows players to play several hands independently, they can place separate bets on each hand and possibly win them all. Of course, the chances of winning all hands all the time are not that big, but the possibility exists.

Another great thing about Multihand Blackjack is that it’s (primarily) an online variant of blackjack, which means players get to try it for free and practice as much as they want. Of course, there’s less pressure involved as well, making this variant pretty exciting. On the other hand, the possibility to turn big profits is also the main drawback of Multihand Blackjack. It’s literally a double-edged sword – you can win big if you manage to beat the dealer on several hands, but you can also lose your whole bankroll if you don’t keep your bets to a minimum. This is why it’s best to use different strategies for each hand and see what works best.

Card counters won’t have much luck with Multihand Blackjack as well. Since it is mainly played in online casinos, card counting is virtually impossible. Even if you play the variant in land-based casinos, the high number of decks and hands makes things much more complicated, so if you’re a card counter, you’re better off sticking with traditional blackjack.

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