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Poker is basically the most popular card game ever invented. Its roots date from many years ago, and that’s why today, you’ll find many variations of the game.

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The most well-played variant, though, is Texas Hold’em, which became quite popular thanks to the World Series of Poker tournament and its televised success.

However, from this variant of poker, accidentally, a new one was born, called Casino Hold’em. In the attempt to teach a friend how to play the multiplayer Texas Hold’em one on one, a guy called Stephen Au-Yeung invented Casino Hold’em. To teach his friend the basic rules of Texas Hold’em, Au-Yeung assumed the role of a dealer. And that’s how the variant was invented: with one player and a dealer involved.

casino hold'em
Online Casino Hold’em Is Extremely Popular

Today, Casino Hold’em is played by millions of players who would like to face the dealer only, and not play against other players. No wonder the variant is also referred to as “Beat the Dealer” poker. It is pretty simple and easy to learn and master, considering not that many bet options are involved and you don’t need to wait for your turn for ages like in Texas Hold’em. Want to learn more about it?

Basic Rules of Casino Hold’em

When you first start playing Casino Hold’em, you’ll see that its rules do not differ from those in Texas Hold’em that much. The major difference, of course, is in the number of players that go against the dealer. To make things clear, the player plays against the dealer in Casino Hold’em.

Casino Hold’em is, therefore, not a multiplayer variant. Therefore, you should expect slight differences in the gameplay. The basic rules are simple. The game is played with a standard 52-card deck.

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Player vs Dealer

Both the dealer and the player place the Ante bet, before the cards are dealt. Then, the dealer takes two hole cards and gives two to the player. Three additional face-up community cards are then placed on the table. Next, they both need to make a decision about whether to fold or call. The player makes the first move. If the player decides to fold, both the Ante bet and the cards go to the dealer. If, on the other hand, decides to call, the player needs to double the Ante bet and continue.

online casino hold'em
Live Casino Hold’em

In this case, the dealer puts two other community cards on the table and turns his hole cards face-up. The dealer is still in only if his hand is a pair of 4 or better. Otherwise, the Ante bet will be paid to the player and the Call bet will push. If, on the other hand, player’s hand loses, the player needs to pay the dealer in accordance with the payout table, while the Call bet will pay 1:1. If there’s a tie, both the Ante bet and the Call bet will push.

Now, some Casino Hold’em variants also offer the AA+ side bet. Live Casino Hold’em versions even offer the Progressive Jackpot and the Jumbo Jackpot side bets. These are placed in the beginning and pay irrespectively of whether the player’s hand loses or wins.

Qualifying Poker Hands

We mentioned that the dealer’s hand must be a pair of 4 or better to qualify. But, how is the winner determined? Well, the best 5-card poker hand that is comprised of the two personal cards and the five community cards wins.

This means that in Casino Hold’em, the standard poker hands apply, just like in Texas Hold’em. The hand where no other winning combos exist and is valued by the highest-ranked card is called High Card. The hand with two cards of the same rank is called a Pair. The Two Pair is the hand where you have two cards of the same rank and two matching cards of a different rank. Three of a Kind is the hand where you have 3 matching, same-ranked cards.

The Straight, the Flush, the Full House and the 4 of a Kind follow. If you get five consecutive cards of mixed suits, you get the Straight. When you have 5 cards which are of a same suit Flush. Full House is when you have three matching cards of the same rank and two matching of a different rank. Four of a Kind is the hand where you have four cards of the same rank.

The Straight Flush is the second-best hand. Here, you have 5 cards of the same suit in a sequence. The absolute best hand is the Royal Flush, where you have the As, Ks, Qs, Js, and 10s of the same suit. It is only natural that this hand pays 100 to 1!

Casino Hold’em Software Developers

Considering online gambling started over 20 years ago, it should come as no surprise to learn that Casino Hold’em is available by many developers. Throughout the years, developers have noticed that players love playing the game, and each of the top ones has developed their own version of Casino Hold’em.

Luckily for you, you can now choose from many Casino Hold’em versions. Major names in the industry, developers like NetEnt, Play’n Go, Playtech and Realtime Gaming have their own Casino Hold’em version. Naturally, each of their versions comes with a small difference, but in payouts and RTPs, not in the gameplay. Developers set their own Return to Player percentages and odds for each hand, but the gameplay always stays the same.

For instance, Realtime Gaming’s version of Casino Hold’em instead of giving you a full payout from the Ante Bonus paytable, pays 1 to 1 if the dealer does not qualify. Play’n GO’s version, on the other hand, gives you an Ante bet payout according to the Ante Bonus paytable and gives you back your Call bet if the dealer does not qualify.

In the AA payout table in NetEnt’s Casino Hold’em, you’ll see two possible payouts. 7 to 1 for a Pair of Aces to Straight, and 25 to 1 for a Flush or higher. Play’n GO’s paytable offers different payouts for different hands. Pair of Aces to Straight pays 7 to 1, Flush 20 to 1, Full House 30 to 1, 4 of a Kind 40 to 1, Straight Flush 50 to 1, and Royal Flush 100 to 1!

Now, as you will see in the Ante Winnings payout table, the hands pay the same in most Casino Hold’em variants. You get 1 to 1 for a Straight or less, 2 to 1 for a Flush, 3 to 1 for a Full House, and 10 to 1 for a 4 of a Kind. Straight Flush pays 20 to 1, and of course, the Royal Flush pays 100 to 1.

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