Hit Frequency in Online Slots Explained

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  • Posted on July 29, 2022
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The most critical parameters in a slot game are house edge, volatility, and hit frequency. However, many slot players focus on the first two aspects and pay little or no attention to hit frequency. This article aims to change this, and we’ll give out best to explain hit frequency and why it’s worth knowing more about it.

What’s Hit Frequency?

Every online slot gameplay consists of rounds, which are called “Spins”. Every “Spin” ends with an outcome, with players either winning or losing.

Hit frequency essentially reveals how often a “Spin” will produce a winning outcome, on average. Since this value relates to probabilities, it’s measured in percentages. So, when talking about hit frequency, it’s vital to remember that:

  • The size of hit frequency doesn’t matter, as even the smallest winning makes the same contribution to the overall value.
  • With multi-paylines slots (and virtually every modern game is a multi-paylines slot), even a single win per line counts as a hit.
  • A computer program determines hit frequency while running a particular game in the background. It means that hit frequency is a constant number. Even if developers don’t reveal the game’s hit frequency, they are fully aware of its value. But sometimes, they simply don’t want to share that information with the public.
  • All winning opportunities, such as Free Spins and bonus games, also count as a hit, even if they don’t produce a win per line.

What about the Average Hit Frequency?

The vast majority of online slots in the market come with hit frequency ranging between 20% and 40%. More volatile games typically have a hit frequency of around 20%, while medium variance titles have a hit frequency of around 30%. Low volatility games boast hit frequency that reaches 40%

It means that the standard hit frequency value is 30%, representing a compromise between the size of the payouts and how often they are delivered.

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Hit percentage is determined by a computer program and every win counts

Keep in mind that in some cases, you can encounter games whose hit frequency drops to 10% or 5%, while others go as high as 60%, but those represent an exception to the rule.

Another Important Thing about Hit Frequency

We should point out that hit frequency is a one-sided parameter since it considers only one thing: whether a win occurred or not. It doesn’t take the size of that winning into account. So, players can claim a win half of what they bet per spin, which will still count as a hit.

For example, you can pay $10 for a spin and win only $5. It’s not a good win, as it won’t cover your initial investment, but the game counts it as a hit nevertheless.

Types of Hit Frequency

Depending on the probability of the predicted event, hit frequency can split into four groups:

  • Hit frequency of a win per line. In most cases, that’s what we mean when talking about hit frequency. It’s also the most probable event to occur. As mentioned, it ranges between 20% and 40%.
  • Hit frequency of activating the Free Spins bonus round. In this case, we’ll solely focus on the likeliness of triggering the Free Spins round in a slot game. Compared to a regular win, unlocking Free Spins is much harder, with the hit frequency not going over 5%.
  • Hit frequency of triggering a Bonus Game. This value is similar to the hit frequency of Free Spins, as they’re both hard to activate. On average, expect the exact value of up to 5%.
  • Hit frequency of progressive jackpot. It’s the toughest one, without a doubt. In some cases, we have staggering odds of 50,000,000 to 1!

We hope you’ve learned how hit frequency can impact your overall gaming experience and why it is crucial to be familiar with it when playing online slots. When choosing the desired hit frequency, it all comes down to personal preferences. Typically, games with a hit frequency of around 30% are the best choice, as they offer a balance between the size of the payouts and how often they are delivered. Most software developers produce games with an average hit frequency of the same level. Browse OnlineGambling24 to find more useful articles.

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