Free Spins – The Best Bonus Feature in Online Slots

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  • Posted on December 31, 2019
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When avid slots players manage to trigger the Free Spins, they know they’re in for a treat. And why is that? Because, hey, they got a chance to play for free and win without wagering!

Free Spins is a type of bonus you trigger while playing online slots which allows you to play for free, without putting any further wagers. It can be triggered in many ways, but it always comes down to the same thing: you get to play for the bet you’ve placed when you trigger them, and you get to win even more money than you would in the base game since often the bonus comes with additional boosters.

How Do You Trigger Free Spins?

If you’re into online gambling, and actually you’re a slots player, you know that usually slots come equipped with three basic features: Wilds, Scatters and Free Spins. Wilds are almost always substitutes. They help you complete a winning combo whenever you lack one or more symbols to win. Scatters are special symbols which have a role to trigger the bonus games.

So, the basic way to trigger the Free Spins is by landing enough Scatters. Depending on the number of reels, paylines and requirements, you usually need to land 3 to 5 Scatters to trigger the Free Spins, although this number may vary.

Sometimes, some developers offer the Buy feature, which allows you to buy your access to Free Spins at any point of the gameplay, for an additional bet. But the sweeter option is triggering the Free Spins by yourself.

And finally, you should know that if not triggered by Scatters or the Buy feature, Free Spins can often be triggered by landing a different Special Symbol, which would be specified in the paytable.

What Do You Get from Free Spins?

Let’s assume you’ve triggered the Free Spins, one way or another. Now, since Free Spins are bonus games, it is only natural that they offer something different than what’s offered in the base game.

So, usually, Free Spins come with Multipliers, Multi-Level Bonus, Expanding Wilds, Sticky Wilds, or some other enhanced special feature.

Regardless of the additional booster you get, the purpose of Free Spins is to give you more than what the base game can. It goes like this. Say, you’ve placed a $10 bet and you’ve managed to trigger 20 Free Spins. Now, this means that you’ll be playing through your Free Spins with the same bet, and you’ll be getting paid for the winning combos you land during the Free Spins for that bet. What’s more, thanks to the additional modifiers, your winnings can be multiplied or boosted in another way. And, in some slots, there’s even a chance to retrigger them. Retriggering the Free Spins by landing additional Scatters, for instance, can provide you with up to 300 Free Spins!

Free Spins can deliver life-changing wins, so make sure you trigger them!

Do Free Spins Come with a Twist?

In most cases, no. Triggering the Free Spins you get a free pass to rewards. However, what’s tricky in some slots is the fact that triggering the Free Spins is very hard. What does that mean? Well, in high volatile slots, which are slots that give payouts less often but those payouts are staggering, to get to the bonus games, you’d have to have patience and a huge balance. Triggering the Free Spins in such slots may seem impossible, but should you eventually do it, you’ll enjoy tons of rewards, life-changing rewards.

Otherwise, in low and medium volatile slots, Free Spins are really exciting and rewarding.

This is where you can find slots with a huge number of Free Spins:


As a slots player, the first thing you need to do when you load the slot is to check the paytable. See what you need to do to trigger the Free Spins, and hope you get that. As a final word of advice, bigger bets give you improved odds of triggering the Free Spins. And remember, the Free Spins are played with the very bet you’ve placed when you triggered them, so the bigger the bets, the bigger the rewards! Have fun!

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