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How to Play Online Baccarat

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  • Posted on September 30, 2019
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If you are looking for a super-simple game with a high RTP, there’s no better choice than online baccarat. Its return-to-player is just below 99%. And the only decision players need to make is which of the three possible outcomes to wager on.

The game will then play according to pre-set rules and pay depending on whether you were lucky enough to correctly predict the winner. It’s a popular cardgame in the world of online gambling.

Basic Baccarat Rules & Payouts

Baccarat is a casino game played between two hands called the Player and the Banker. Newbies may assume that the first represents them and the other the dealer but that’s not the case; these are simply two opponents fighting for a better hand total and you can choose to bet on either. Player win and Banker win are two out of three possible outcomes; the third is a Tie which pays 8:1. If your Player bet wins, you’ll be paid even money, while Banker win delivers the same minus 5% commission (or in other words 0.95:1).

Online Baccarat is Easy
Online Baccarat is Easy
What you need to be aware of is a unique way of calculating hand totals. Aces always count as 1, cards 2 to 9 have pip value, and 10’s and face cards count as 0. When cards are drawn, their values are summed up and then the digit in the tens position dropped. For example, a hand consisting of an Ace, a Jack and a 9 would have value of 0 (1+0+9=10, first digit dropped) while a combination of 3, 4 and King would create a score of 7 (3+4+0=7). This system allows for the maximum hand value of 9 which is the best outcome one can hope for. In fact, both 8 and 9- point hands will automatically win.

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Baccarat Strategy

Let’s be clear: there is no betting strategy that can guarantee 100% success. Online baccarat, just like any other online casino game available via the internet, uses a Random Number Generator; not only does RNG make it absolutely impossible to predict the outcome but there’s also no correlation between previous and future results. So what’s one to do?

If we consider possible wagers, Banker bet has the lowest house edge of only 1.06% but Player is not far behind with 1.24%. Tie wager features a significantly higher edge of over 14%. That would indicate that Banker is your best bet; though it pays 5% less, it wins (in the long term) more often than the Player – 50.68% of the time vs 48.15%. The most popular strategy is to keep betting on Banker until that hand loses two times in a row; then switch to Player. When Player bet loses twice, go back to the Banker. In this scenario, Tie outcomes aren’t counted so simply ignore them as if they had never happened.

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