How to Win an Online Slot Tournament: Tips & Tricks

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  • Posted on January 20, 2021
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Online slot tournaments are very popular among casino players. Winning is simple: all you need to score points is to play slots. Most tournaments are leaderboard based, meaning the player with the highest score will scoop the first prize.

When it comes to prizes on offer, you can win anything from cash prizes to luxury holidays and gadgets. Today, we’re going to talk about tips and tricks that can help you win an online slot tournament.

Winning the Slots Tournament

Once the tournament starts, your ultimate goal is to get the highest possible number of spins in the allocated time. That should be your only preoccupation. Keep in mind that you can’t influence the results on the reels in any way whatsoever. You’ll only rely on luck. That’s right, luck is all you need to win an online slot tournament.

That said, it doesn’t mean you can’t use a tip or two to improve your odds of winning.

Here are some quick tips to help you win at an online slot tournament:

  • Make sure you have a working internet connection and a computer that is capable of running the software.
  • If you lack experience, it’s best to play free tournaments first. Then you can move to play for real money.
  • Once the tournament starts, keep on spinning until the time runs out.
  • Be prepared to click a lot. That’s what you’re in for if autoplay is not available.
  • Keep a note of the tournament start date and time. That’s especially important if you pre-registered.
  • Be careful when using re-buys and continues.
  • Choosing tournaments with fewer players can increase your chances of winning.
  • Gain access to more tournaments by joining multiple online casinos
There are many different slot tournaments
There are many different slot tournaments

Re-Buys and Continues

Online slot tournaments, unlike their land-based counterpart, almost always allow the options of re-buys. On the other hand, online casinos that use Microgaming software offer a very different kind of re-buys, known as a Continue. Although they appear similar, there are lots of differences between the two options.

Re-buys will allow you to have another shot at a tournament. As its name suggest, to get that chance you’ll need to pay a fee. The tournament sets this fee, and its size usually varies. It’s not necessary to use this option, the decision to do so is all yours. But, we advise you to do so only if the top results are low. That way, you’ll still have the chance of scooping the first prize.

If you’re playing at a Microgaming tournament, your second chance is provided by Continues. This unique option allows you to continue where you stopped, hence the name. That’s why Continues are a more popular option. You’ll also have to pay a fee to do so. It’s advisable to use it only if you had a good score before the time ran out. If not, you’ll be simply wasting your money.

Here you can play slot tournaments online

Play Fast

Playing fast is the best way to win a tournament. If you get scores on stakes or win, such an approach will pay off. The more sessions you play, the more bets you’ll make, meaning more potential wins.

If you play more, you’ll increase the chances of triggering a feature. This can be useful in tournaments where participants need to unlock the bonus in a certain number of spins.

The only time you should avoid playing fast is in a buy-in tournament. However, if you used this option, it can help you improve your result.

You are free to use a wide variety of tricks to spin the reels faster:

  • Enable Quickspin to reduce the time per spin.
  • Cancel spinning to play faster.
  • Use the space bar to spin. This is a useful option when playing on a PC.
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It’s mostly fun

Playing at an online slot tournament means a lot of fun, provided you know how to do it. By learning and using these tips and tricks, you can get more cash or other rewards. You’ll certainly increase the odds of winning. In the meantime, you can visit and practice your slots.

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